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It’s a bit confusing but have you ever wondered about the amount of token circulation outside the market!

On coinmarketcap with coinecko check, they all see the difference with the amount compared to the amount of unlock! So where does that unlock amount go? From my personal point of view, there are 3 main reasons that the amount of coins is not counted in: 1) Because the project side or the market team played dirty unlock but did not publish statistics or yes but did not update. – This is especially common for projects that have been released for 2 years and are no longer hot. * Then what is the purpose? -Accordingly, : – 1 to avoid confusion for old holders who missed the top and confuse newcomers into thinking that this piece of cake is still delicious. – 2 markets will be easy to push and collect *) Then who will benefit the most? The answer is the person holding the other unlocked token 2 ) This coin has been unlocked but has never been circulated. This is also confusing to me because according to information on 2 pages coinmarketcap and coinecko, there is 1 item that is the amount of circulating assets in the hands of the public. In other words, the amount of coins that are always transferred between the market and us will be counted by them, the rest will not. Again, I’m wondering if it’s true or not. 3) That amount of coins is burned or staking This is obvious because we can check. However, the amount of this coin is not completely accurate, so is there a way to check it as clearly as possible without commenting for reference!

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