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It’s time for Apple to launch transparent iPhone: Best design ever

# **It’s time for Apple to launch transparent iPhone: Best Design Ever** **Apple’s color choices for iPhone are getting old and boring. Transparent design will bring life to its famous product line.** ## **Transparent era returns** Apple recently released a new product that has gained a lot of attention because there is a very special new color option. That product isn’t an iPhone, an iPad, or even an Apple Watch. It’s a headset, but it’s not AirPods Pro 2. Apple bought Beats by Dre in 2014 and this week, Beats released a new model of Beats Studio Buds+ headphones, quite similar to AirPods Pro 2 but with lower price. The special thing here is that this headset has a transparent design. With colors on electronic devices focusing only on popular colors, the appearance of transparent colors is considered the best design in many years. This leads Digital Trends to ask: Why doesn’t Apple do something similar for the iPhone? Back in 1999, Apple also released iMac computers with a design that combined color and transparency. This is a device with a fresh and bold aesthetic at a time when computer models only had a fixed opaque white color. iMac can see all internal components through the transparent plastic shell. For many, it’s the design of the future. Transparent and colorful iMacs are just one of many. The ’90s ushered in an exciting era of transparent and brilliant electronics, from the N64 console versions to handhelds like the Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance. However, after the early 2000s, the transparent electronics craze seemed to have disappeared, replaced by solid colors and metallic finishes. Smartphones or tablets these days come in some basic black or white color, with one or two more youthful versions of the color added, depending on the product line-up. When Beats still did not belong to Apple, the audio company was still famous for its innovative headset products, playing with diverse colors. The newly released Beats Studio Buds+ this time is no exception. Beats isn’t the first company to enter the modern era of transparent headphones. Emerging technology company Nothing has done it first with the Nothing Ear 1 headset model and also the recently popular Nothing Phone 1 phone. But Beats goes even further when not only the headphones but also the charging case are completely transparent, so you can see all the components inside in action. ## **Break the rigidity** Although Apple is still considered the most innovative technology company in terms of design, they still have some rigid rules on the iPhone product line. Many people choose the Pro models because they want a better camera, but Apple seems to have a rigid view that professionalism and youthfulness should not be mixed. That’s why Pro models always have only neutral, harmonious colors, while standard iPhone models always have enough fun colors. Many users expect Apple to refer to Beats products to create more interesting colors, especially on iPhone Pro models. Purple iPhone 14 Pro has been well received and expected by users when it was launched. But the actual metallic purple of the phone only shows up properly in the right lighting conditions. Otherwise, that color is just like dark gray with purple undertones. Rumors of the iPhone 15 Pro will come in a deep metallic red color and the standard iPhone 15 could come in light pink and light blue. Those are new colors compared to before but basically there are not too many breakthroughs. It would be great if one day a transparent iPhone launches, allowing users to see all the components inside. Technically, it’s not impossible. Apple’s color choices for the iPhone are getting old and boring. The company will probably need to make some innovations to bring its prestigious product line to life. Maybe a transparent iPhone will still be a pipe dream, but with Beats trying its hand at transparent Studio Buds+, it’s a dream that’s not as far-fetched as it once was.



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