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Knowing these things will help you invest better (part 2)

Following part 1, here is part 2 , things that help you invest and study better **1/ How should I listen to KOLs?** Following or learning something from someone in the market Crypto is something that everyone has to go through, especially those who are new to the market, but whether you listen to someone and then enter the bet or not, you should clarify the following 2 issues: * Analysis of KOLs: analyze those KOLs which type of KOLs they are? Kols alpha, Kols insider or are they just Kols specializing in shilling to get liquidity to discharge in the next candles when calling * Analyze yourself: Understand your own purpose, financial personality, personality , investment trends see if I match their style or not? Kols also has this and that not all Kols are bad, that’s why you have to analyze them. The strength of Kols is thanks to the community, it is you who create their strength. There is an argument that when you enter someone’s bet, the responsibility is always on you, so don’t blame anyone. They don’t put a gun to their head forcing you to buy with them or when you make a bet you don’t donate to people but turn to blame??? Finally, there is a small tip for those who are following Ryan’s call, currently, Ryan’s influence is extremely large, so calling a few % is normal, so when the market is in the middle like this, Limit follow, or follow, it is profitable to wait until it is clear an uptrend and then follow and be flexible. **2/ Thinking against the crowd** What I often see in successful people and pro traders like Ryan in the market is thinking against the crowd. To do it is not easy, it is not always right to go against the crowd. Some examples: – Gather enough numbers of crowds, their arguments – Especially if the crowd includes Kols (who are also very familiar with PTCB, PTKT) but a lot of KOLs think in the same direction – Basic It is based on the fact that the market often does the opposite of what the crowd thinks. In addition, pro traders, they confirm all the factors according to the set criteria before entering the order. Not sure they will have the best entry (passed entries, luck,..) but their command has a much better entry with R:R . Reference books: The Art of Thinking Against the Currents **3/ Should Newbies Learn Fundamental Analysis or Technical Analysis?** There is a question that quite a few of you message me, I would like to share my importance. My point is that if you’re new to the market, you should prioritize learning a little bit of technical analysis, it’s more realistic than a good researcher, because crypto is also a financial market, so you should ask for technical analysis. can earn money more evenly (just look at Small Clouds, write research is very good but the account is on fire) In general, each person has a different goal. **4/ Crypto investment is inherently risky.** If you read the reports or financial statements carefully, you will know that the large investment funds, they deduct the highest percentage of capital. 5% for crypto investment (crypto fund doesn’t count) So if the next uptrend season you can win a large amount of x a few hundred times, just keep in mind that there are people out there investing 15% profit /year has been a great success. Must know cashout, cashout. That’s easy to say, try to review the financial markets of the past 10-20 years. Read more financial books, personal experiences to have a broader vision. **5/ Should I invest in Vietnamese projects?** This is a rather out-of-the-ordinary idea, but I would also like to share whether it is advisable to invest in Vietnamese projects or not? People say Vietnamese projects 99.99% are scams? Actually, this has grounds for them to say so. Supporting the development of Vietnamese crypto has many ways (project development, positive comments, ..) but not necessarily investment for national pride. Vietnamese projects that want to do good business but do not have enough financial/capital resources can’t do it. Therefore, most projects will choose the direction of scams and scams, so my current point of view is not to invest in Vietnamese projects. **6/ Levels of fundamental and technical analysis** Fundamental analysis level 1: Information seeking – Good analysis, evidence, reciprocal criticism level 2: Know the flow Where is the money flowing – Know which ecosystem is money flowing into, which trends are having cash flow, know when to enter and when to leave the game. There are insider relationships from exchanges, funds, .. level 3: Think like the house Think the house is trying to lead the prey in which direction, what game they are creating, .. Technical analysis level 1: Price line Draw resistance and support lines, identify trends, use indicators well, Identify the structure of the market,. level 2: Supply-Demand Determine which buy/sell zone is strong/weak, sharks are buying or selling, ..Know which resistance price will pop up, which resistance is weak, which resistance is strong. level 3: Timing Determine the cycle of the price line, know when to exit or enter the line. Note: No matter how good and complete the analysis of financial analysis and technical development is, it is usually only used in the short term **7/ Whether there is a profit or a loss, you can always draw a lesson** Each action Bringing profits/losses in the market all give us lessons. Try to link facts, information, and data to draw lessons from those times. By the way, if the reason why the token increases/decreased like a police investigation by re-imagining investor psychology, recalling their own psychology, learning more lessons, .. understanding The clearer the lesson, the more valuable the lesson. Whether it’s fundamental or technical analysis, a trading journal is essential. Don’t let the moment pass without leaving a lesson. **8/ Should read more reports about funds** A report on crypto is a type of report, prepared by an individual/organization to provide opinions, projections, overview/detailed analysis, and provision. data,.. about the crypto market situation. Your job is to search, download, read or print. There are expensive reports, but the quality is also very high accordingly. Industry experts are willing to spend thousands of dollars/month to read such reports. Here are the important reports that I have compiled for everyone: **Report on World Macroeconomics 2023 written by Blackrock ** o 2023 of coinbase ** file/d/1vfXEPsmeAVn6UVCBHYLH2CWzjvFkYeDs/view?fbclid=IwAR13LujQ5kUiHrs9k3XXMctCZ65Zqs0H5NgemWjDk2YTi9c14gqGPe45XfQ **Market summary of the LicrjRN-IKDCwXRXWdBPQxA/view? fbclid=IwAR06BxNIfkPAN8WOOmNPftNcyLFzvgle_WEHokNU-JASGCbkmHFlJAJDsGM **Huobi’s report on crypto market 2022-2023** RYo1jUxRKBCt96eolI6AdZ2I **Report of Binance Research** **Delphi Digital** (https://–the-greats-digital-members.del great-reset-navigating-crypto-in-2023?fbclid=IwAR0uWBaS0KqU95tt3qzO8H88e_eMGKYNScCixMrXxn3kEZukAGHPxZ0cfW0#introduction–the-great-reset) in addition to reports, people should also add KOLs, Postcads, and AMAs on Twitter and other AMAs. better grasp the content because there are many specialized words that cannot be translated into Vietnamese

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