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Knowing these things will help you invest better

1/ Mastering research tools and finding information ** Mastering the use of Coingecko, Defilama, .. for research and information search for coins. For example, when there is an information keyword about a coin, you must immediately know what tools to use to find relevant information. Proficient in using Twitter, list of good KOLs, list of projects by system and set the notification bell because Twitter is the place to provide the fastest information. For example, a separate list of Chinese KOLs, separate Korean KOLs, technical analysis KOLs, fundamental analysis KOLs** 2/ Always have an independent mindset **Most successful investment deals Great work is independent research, going against the crowd and not trusting too much in one person. Must carefully study the information they give and try to verify them. Even those who used to be reputable in the crypto world like Sam Bankman- Fried are still scams that surprise even seasoned people in the market like Ryan, let alone the small KOLs in this market, less worship, Fomo they are like forever, number one, idol, iphone,.. The current method of driving chickens is to drive like not to even the person being driven doesn’t know so be careful.** 3/ Be careful focus on investing in new coins **If you intend to invest, just play with new coins (build a project to develop from 2020-2022, never been through a pump dump) for example, the new coin next season is Aptos, Sui, Arb, Op, .. and let’s throw away the ones like Dot, Ada, Sol, .. For example, if you put yourself in the position of the house, you will have to create a trend continuously to keep the market alive, the trend will create project, the project is born, to pump and pump, then remove the new pump, discharge, then create a new child to pump again. But the house will create fake news so that we have faith to still hold the old coin in hope and have no money to buy a new one. Although the old coin has many reasons to live like good revenue, hard-working rich dev,.. but after the crash of FTX, 3AC, anything can happen, moreover, if it survives, then profits not tall. Finally, the current crypto market is too small, so if a force is big enough, it can destroy any exchange or project.** 4/ Don’t depend on KOLs this or that channel * *In fact, there are independent studies that give investment positions or decisions much earlier than a lot of kols or websites that are advertised as “reputable” out there. Most crypto investment companies currently exist. , they will tend to share the same investment direction. The Kols or crypto community funds will also have some content clone parts or ideas, so shortened, the essence is not much. If you feel overwhelmed when absorbing knowledge, it is because you are not focused on the core issue.** 5/ Always have the right mindset for the market. ** The right mindset here I refer to is the right mindset to earn money, understand how the market works and the mindset as well as many other things must always be learned to update. The essence of the financial market is money game, don’t worship this technology too much because what exists in the end and the goal is only profit. (thinking must always be updated) **6/ Learn how to manage your capital well **No bear market can kill you if you manage your capital well and no bull market will make you profitable if you don’t know how to manage your capital. Money management says it over and over again, because everyone wants to get rich quick, so they don’t have a strategy and enough patience, and successful people always do what the crowd doesn’t do. In this group, each person has a different amount of capital, the participating position is also different, so I can’t give a general overview, but I have one piece of advice that you should know when to fight, when to raise troops, when to fight. retreat. When the risk is greater than the opportunity, do not try to eat sticky rice. **7/ Accept the loss** Actually in investment losing is a very normal thing, if you win, you must lose, if you don’t want to lose, you can only stop investing, if If you still invest, you will definitely lose and accept it.. it is important to calculate how to lose but not affect your life. Because no matter how good and complete we calculate or analyze, we cannot avoid black swans,.. Because there is a lot of information hidden behind that we cannot check (real financial situation) project problems, internal conflicts, conflicts between Vc and the project, conflicts between VCs, dev intentions, creator intentions, tricks, ….)** 8/ Learn More on macroeconomics. **Many people still think that macroeconomics doesn’t have much of an impact on the crypto market, but that’s not the case. Let’s learn more about macroeconomics to see the similarities with the crypto story, how does the macroeconomic reality affect the crypto market? In my opinion, basically the crypto market is still very small, The impact mentioned here is due to some macroeconomic or war stories, .. has created a habit of price behavior for investors. . For example, the US CPI (inflation) affects the crypto market, the Russia-Uk war affects the crypto market? And recently the influence of macroeconomics on the crypto market has spread to news like Nonfarm,.. **9/ Put yourself in the shoes of the bookie **Think like market makers crypto can help us have a more accurate and overview of this market. By understanding the perspective of market makers, it helps us to find investment opportunities early. Eg. Does the creator have an intention with this trend? Why does Cz retweet ZK technology? Elon Musk Shill Dogecoin? Why is Binance on launchpad EDU, ID is always in such a bad time? Why is ZK technology invested in so much? Why is this PEPE listed on Binance? **10/Always be on the lookout for the market **Most people who have been through a number of market cycles tend to have a “negative bias” at first (intelligently). ) Ex: Except for BTC and ETH, all other coins are garbage, no matter what project you pump and dump, then eat and fall, hold on,….. Although in some cases they are not right, but In general, these people have well protected their accounts. What they see here is because they have been through a lot of pain, experience, they understand this market operates on trust, not technology. That they also have positioned crypto as inherently venture capital. Some people implement the strategy of holding 80% of BTC, although they do not receive high ROI when uptrend, they still live season after season and if possible, contact investors who have experienced real > 4- 5 years in the market their lessons will help you to see things far and wide.** 11/ Make a list of the major events that have an impact during the year **In the market we will have A series of known lists of events that can greatly impact the market take place during the year or month. For example, upgrades of ETH, BTC halving big events like Worldcup, please take a small amount of time to list these big events to avoid being passive when the event takes place, see which coins benefit. from these events. Similarly let’s make a list of typical projects in the coming season and analyze it eg: Arb, Apt, Sui,..** 12/ Don’t follow the news ** Don’t focus on the news. too much, onchain news, macro news is too big, because in my opinion this market is too small. It’s just a review of the situation that has already happened, an excuse to validate the price line** 13/ Don’t try to predict the trend **Instead of predicting this trend or that trend, increase your ability to recognize it when the trend is active. departure mode, follow the trend when it appears. and once you’ve missed the trend, accept it because if you swing at the end of the trend, you can make heavy liquidity and be patient because after this trend there will be another trend, only the capital is left to do. ** 14/ Turn over history analyze past lessons **Look back at the history of crashes to avoid it in the future, eg 3AC, FTX crash is caused by what? Will something similar happen in the future? If it really happens in the future, what can I do through the past? Although the future will certainly not be the same as in the past, surely the next downtrend season will also have a floor or a fund that breaks the floor and how do we react to it? P/s: funny meme pictures.

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