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Latest render image of iPhone 15 Pro

# **The latest rendering image of iPhone 15 Pro ** ## iPhone 14 has been out for more than half a year, now the technology world places a lot of attention on the next generation version, especially the high-end model iPhone 15 Pro. According to *PhoneArena*, iPhone 15 Pro promises to be one of the best phone models to buy in 2023 with many significant changes in appearance. Based on what has been leaked so far, *9to5Mac* has created some stunning renders showing what the new look of the iPhone 15 Pro will look like. The render shows some of the highlights of the new design including thinner bezels, haptic feedback style mute and volume buttons, as well as an all-new titanium frame with rounded edges. Once again, the camera module will increase in size – which has become the norm with every new iPhone Pro model. Also according to the image, another important adjustment on the iPhone 15 Pro is the conversion to a USB-C port. Although Apple still tries to preserve the exclusive features in its ecosystem, the company was forced to abandon the Lightning port due to restrictions from recent European Union regulations. *9to5Mac* also points out there are some other notable additions to the new design, like the iPhone 15 Pro is slightly smaller than the iPhone 14 Pro and feels much better in the hand due to the rounded edges. Finally, the exclusive color option for this year’s model is Deep Red (designated by *9to5Mac* as code 410D0D) and is intended to replace the current Dark Purple. The iPhone 15 series is expected to officially launch around September this year. With all the product leaks so far, there’s a lot of promise for Apple’s new high-end phone.



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