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**—— —** Hello guys! Many people consider Memecoin/Shitcoin as the “culture” of this crypto, any chain without it is “uncultured”. At the request of the previous group owner, I find out and will share with you my perspective on it. This lesson I will divide into: 1. Origin, operation 1. Risks when playing 1. How to play — **I. Origin and Operation** Talking about the origin of memecoin is also quite interesting, it can come from a joke of a KOLs or a certain group of people, or a prominent meme on the internet. Typically, Mr. Musk and Dogecoin, another branch is Floki, and then slowly released a variety of dog-related memes. It can also come from a famous anime movie like One piece, or a joke. A while ago, there was a trend of memes/shits inspired by One piece =)) Having children x50 x100 is normal. > **⇒ Value comes from the spirit, the joy of contributing to a certain community (similar to NFT he)** **Operating characteristics.** * Anyone with blockchain knowledge can It is possible to create a meme, but making it a trend or hot for fomo is not easy. * Supply: Extremely large or unlimited * Built/operated on blockchains like SOL, BSC, ERC. Almost every chain has :)) there is no culture. * Before, there was Dogechain for you to play memes/shitcoins too, but it’s different for a while. ⇒ In short, the origin and operation of Meme/shitcoin is also based on blockchain platforms, based on the popularity of the popular community/popular culture. Risk and return are equally high. If you specialize in playing meme/shitcoin choin, you can bet every day, you can get scammed or xnxx every day. **II. Risk.** To mention the risk when playing, it must be said about its characteristics: **First:** The original memes/shitcoins when newly created, the supply is very large or not. limit eye strain always =>> Its price is tiny. At the same time, it was created by a certain community group or culture/fun/joke, so there are many cases of raising millions of dollars and adding a few hundred k$ or million dollars for you to play. Usually people respond to Buy to have liquidity, it is the community that is liquid for each other. * The risk of price fluctuations is too great! Because the liquidity is too small, I have not bought anything yet and have already lost 30% of my capital (price slippage), or been clamped by bots. Should play, determine 1 lose 2 is xx only. * Risk of not learning about it: What is the basic knowledge like Tax buy/tax sell? lock sell, take profit and security like. * Risk of scam, rug: Since anyone can create meme/shitcoin, rug is easy to understand. With small liquidity, rugs once a few k$ or tens of k$, people don’t pay much attention to what to do, find other bets to play for x10 x100 even better ⇒ Convenient for scammers, like rug even a few hundred k or million dollars like us Gamefi 2021, it will come to your door :))) * The new chains have a huge fomo, but there are many scams =)) ZK or arb are also full of scams, That’s god rug, there was APT first. * Risk of scam hacking wallets from other memes/shitcoins =)) sometimes after swapping, all the money in your wallet will be gone ⇒ Mention the risk so that you guys can prepare mentally and think in advance if you want to play. As for how to play in the next part **III. How to play.** **1/ About how to find:** * It’s like finding some lowcap, investment coin. There are many shitcoin groups on Telegram for you to hunt. Or many Kols who specialize in playing memes/shitcoins just follow. Don’t ask me which group, find it yourself. Better yet, find meme/shitcoin bets on new chains, they won’t be able to find any chain that comes out. Go to Dextool to find an ok way. Each new chain usually has a leader, after it flies, many children will create children to follow, find and play. **2/ How to get capital, how to play** If you have a small capital, you can play with BSC for cheap, or the new chain will not have a high fee. It’s safer to play ETH, but it’s safer to bear the fee, because scams and rugs also exist but not as much as other chains. Bet x10 x100 x1000 more ETH side. * If you have 100u, how to play: Divide into 10 commands, each command 10u. Min x3 x5 to lock the principal or take profit. Scam/rug stop it. Luckily, if you lose 3 bets and 1 bet, you can draw or make a profit =)) * If you have 1000, how do you play: Divide into 50 times, just go, manage your capital carefully. Like playing spot, future only, so the higher the risk, the more careful you have to go. As for my experience, long time in the shitcoin meme array, you can play whatever you want, I have no opinion :vvv I still encourage you to take orders no matter what chain! Don’t regret when you win x10 but think why not go for a bigger order? If you go to volume, you’ll eat it already? It’s dead! Pay attention to KOLs like CZ, Elon.. or twitter for some fun, the community thinks of a bunch of kids for it to buy in :vv the meme thought it was dead then suddenly x10 x100 =)) Whoever plays will understand. You should also pay attention to the topics that the community often discusses, so that you can get in line before others. **3/** **Security and Checkout:** Playing shit/memecoin is important for security. Do not keep all 1 wallet, can be divided into 3 or 5 wallets. Finished playing revoke. You can check the contract then play, safe. There are a few bets, then Elon or CZ twitter 1 will fly, so if you take the risk, then buy the dyor later :vv Read the details, I have shared on Twitter: 1642793058248069121 . Read on for more details <3 Some tools: Below cmt

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