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Let’s take a look at the niches that large organizations predicted at the beginning of the year to grow well in 2023! See if the big guys are right at all.

Catalog : NFT – Metaverse – GameFi – DSN – DeFi – LSD – Web3 – Multichain – Layer 2 – CBDC – SocialFi – Ai 1⃣ NFT – Metaverse • Metaverse wasn’t predicted by funds, but Apple made it happen heat up • That’s the first mistake. Meta is the guy who spends the most money, but Apple is the one who decides the trend? • NFT is having a lot of trouble in the top sets! The attitude of the community is very sensitive! Azuki , Bayc ,. … 2⃣ GameFi • Still actively developing!! There are deals that last up to 5 years (a16z deal with ex-employee Riot) • Funds have taken actions to bolster their predictions. According to my assessment, GameFi has made obvious improvements in graphics and gameplay. • The upcoming Target is to attract you with Game, not with Fi anymore, so if the game plays with graphics but the dance is not smooth enough, no one will play • There is still potential, you can monitor if the funds have faith in you. where is this. The fund must have faith to pour money, this niche can grow 3⃣ Decentralized storage (DSN) • After the supportive move from Binance, things seem to be calming down. • People don’t talk much about Decentralized Storage anymore. • Is it the media drowning of the major powers or has the community really lost interest? • No community, nothing.. • I’ll lower this bull’s bullish score 4⃣ DeFi • DeFi is still a land of hacks and rug-pulls. The positive signal is that there is support from Traditional Finance. • Don’t take TraFi’s cash flow lightly, especially if the regulatory framework is stable. DeFi will thrive. • Countries are working to develop a regulatory framework for DeFi. • Binance once tweeted: Binance invest heavily on DeFi • To me DeFi cannot die, it is the liquidity backbone for blockchain. 5⃣ Liquid Staking Derivative (LSD) • Not in the predictions of investment funds, or maybe they have included this niche in DeFi. • The community is very optimistic about LSD. According to AZ9 assessment, there are still a lot of people who need LSD to stake ETH, and this need will last forever and LSD protocols will have a lot of revenue. 6⃣ Web3 • Only China has a remarkable move. The government has published a whitepaper to make the concept clearer with Web3. This is a clear recognition. Very positive. It’s more than vague, isn’t it • Once recognized, maybe the government will push for development. • Currently, there are signs of abating… Name the 3 most recent web3 projects that hype : Lens .. ahhhhhh .. uhmmmmm . what else? Rose? ah ha… 7⃣ Multi-chain • Very vibrant, Vitalik also contributes to this movement. • Layers 2 continuously release tools to develop Layer 3 • (this is also a type of multichain, guys) • Layer-Zero receives great attention from the community, even if it is not yet complete. • But that is also liquidity fragmentation. Era.. • All eyes are on Layer Zero, Wormhole seems to be forgotten by everyone after losing at the uniswap proposal. • But the need to move liquidity between chains is still there, if Layer Zero does his best, he can move to his All in one chain future 8⃣ Layer 2 • Another niche is not in the forecast. of investment funds. • The next step for well-developed Layer 2 layers such as Arbitrum or Optimism is expansion. • Interest is being focused on Layer 2 that have not yet issued tokens such as ZkSync, Starknet • Only when all have issued tokens will we know who is receiving the attention… Which chain will be noticed by many people? idea. Personally, I expect it to be Optimism or Zksync 9⃣ CBDC – Multinational Stablecoin • Being strongly promoted in the US with FedNow. • China’s attitude towards this sector is very positive. The government encourages people to use CBDC. • Vietnam’s business is still unclear. • Europe is implementing and creating its own CBDC after the publication of the regulatory framework (MiCA). SocialFi • After half-hearted actions from Twitter and rumors of an Airdrop from Lens Protocol that led to a spike in Lens’ network stats, or small waves created by The Open Network, things are calming down. • Community has doubts, SocialFi needs stronger marketing. • Actually, it’s also very difficult for socialFi, this problem is not easy to solve. • It’s too long to say here, another time to say . 1⃣1⃣ AI • Still need time to determine if AI is needed in blockchain. • Short-term I think it’s just a trend, Blockchain doesn’t really need AI but the community is very interested in this issue. Compensate ha! Having a community is having it all • AI may need a big boost, a good reason for people to invest in , not just following a trend. • Because if you just follow the trend, it will be like a flower, quickly blooming and then dying, everyone will give up.

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