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Limits of iPhone 15 Pro Max

# **Limits of iPhone 15 Pro Max** **The telephoto camera with periscope lens of iPhone 15 Pro Max will significantly increase the cost, while it is unlikely that all users will need this feature. ** The telephoto camera uses a periscope, can zoom up to 10x, is rumored to appear only on iPhone 15 Pro Max, not on the 15 Pro version. Author Richard Priday of *Tom’s Guide* thinks this continues to be an inconsistent product for Apple. In the past, when Apple made a Max or Plus variant for the iPhone, the only difference was the body size and the higher price tag. Usually all other functions should be identical. However, since the iPhone 12 series, the iPhone 12 Pro Max has a larger main camera sensor and a stronger telephoto camera than the iPhone 12 Pro. Author Priday believes that this has made it difficult for users who want a small smartphone to choose. In addition, a user who always uses a large phone will not pay much attention to the features exclusive to the Pro Max series. Meanwhile, they have to pay more for a large screen version of the phone. According to author Richard Priday, if Apple really keeps some important features like the periscope telephoto camera dedicated to the iPhone 15 Pro Max, the company should come up with an iPhone 15 Ultra version with equal power to keep it. user feet. Some leaked sources suggest that Apple’s first Ultra iPhone may not appear this year. If this smartphone line appears, Apple’s complex product portfolio will give buyers more choices. However, this is difficult to solve the discomfort of users when they believe that a compact Apple device also means less experience.



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