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Long time no see

#SeiNetwork (Seilors ) – blockchain layer 1 designed for trading Valuation: 800M$ Potential project airdrop/early purchase Ae try to do some of these simple tasks, maybe collect : 1: Kyc (very important, most likely air/IDO according to this criteria) Discord: – join discord and scan face, video instructions below 2: do blocked task: Some quests have expired, try to complete the rest In which there is task 16 which is mizumarket’s mint nft, take advantage of it to do it first 3: Also if you have time, please level up in discord to lv7 (chat-interaction), then there will be a crew role for you (it takes about 3-4 hours to chat). If you have a verified role (kyc face) + role crew, you also significantly increase your chances of receiving air. If you have more free time, try to get yourself the role oficer by composing a post on tw, filling out the form and waiting for the mod to approve the post!! If you do, you still have a chance, if you don’t do it, sit back and watch If you can’t faucet Sei testnet, please comment your wallet address, I will send it to you. Tele: dailychannelvn

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