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Losing money because of asking strangers to retrieve VssID password

Forgot password of insurance application VssID, many people are lured to transfer money “deposit” to get access information from impostors on Facebook. The Vietnam Social Insurance (VSS) portal warns that some people impersonating this agency on social networks, using the excuse to support VssID application passwords to entice employees to transfer money. One of the victims is Ms. Dao Thi N, a worker working in Hanoi, who transferred 5.9 million VND to the impostor. VssID is an application of Vietnam Social Insurance, which helps to access insurance information by phone. Due to little use, many people forget their login information. When Ms. N went on Facebook to ask how to retrieve her password, the account named Giang, who introduced herself as a staff member of the Vietnam Social Security Administration, contacted her via Messenger. As an excuse to prevent forged or borrowed documents, Giang’s account required Ms. N to pay a deposit of 900,000 VND, and send a CCCD photo, social insurance book number, temporary residence address, phone number and account number to receive the deposit back later. “After verifying the owner’s profile, the password will be issued to the device after 5 minutes and the deposit will be refunded according to regulations”, a message from Giang’s account to Ms. N has a paragraph. After complying with the request, Ms. N was told that the money transfer was wrong and needed to be done again, and she was informed that she would be fined 10 million VND. Because there was not enough money in her account, she transferred 5 million VND to this account number and corrected the money transfer content as required. However, Giang’s account still requires her to transfer the full amount to set up an electronic account if she wants to receive the deposit back. This person even called to inform her of “tax evasion” and may have to pay hundreds of millions of dong in compensation. Due to lack of money, Ms. N talked to an acquaintance and knew she was trapped. Vietnam Social Security said it has received many complaints from people about the same situation, most of which take place on social networks. According to this agency, all support services for handling social insurance and health insurance procedures that Vietnam Social Security are implementing are free of charge. Therefore, any case that asks people to pay such fees is a scam. To retrieve the VssID password, users can use the “Forgot password” feature right on the application. A new password will be sent to the email address they entered when they signed up for an account. In case there is no email information, users can create an information declaration and submit it directly at the nearest social insurance agency, or contact the Support Service Center, as recommended by Vietnam Social Security. . Previously, this agency also warned about the status of fanpage and Facebook account (fake) ( -4596301.html) to entice the user to make a profile. Fraudsters attack the psychology of wanting to have their documents resolved quickly online, not directly to do the procedures of the people. During the solicitation process, they go through several steps, each of which requires an ever-increasing fee. One victim fell into a trap and transferred over 100 million VND to an impostor.



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