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Macbook users with broken keys are compensated by Apple

**MacBook users who filed a complaint about having to pay for butterfly keyboard repairs will soon receive up to $395 in compensation from Apple.** A US judge has approved a settlement settlement. $50 million between (Apple)( and consumers complaining about faulty MacBook keyboards. Judge Edward Davila of California, who ruled, called the settlement “fair, satisfactory and reasonable”. 11 consumers from New York, Florida, California, Michigan, and several other states are the lead plaintiffs in a class-action lawsuit alleging Apple failed to provide adequate repair or troubleshooting assistance for the keyboard defect. butterfly on MacBook 2015-2019 generations. Apple denies the allegations but accepts the settlement offered by the plaintiffs. All consumers in the class action will receive $50-395 based on the number of times they have to have their keyboard repaired and the nature of the defect. According to *Reuters*, more than 86,000 consumers have filed complaints and are counted as members of the class action. There are objections to the settlement, arguing that it would be unfair if Apple did not have to compensate MacBook owners who had a keyboard failure but did not seek to fix it. “While not all of the injured will receive compensation, the settlement benefits a large number of individuals,” Davila said. The lawsuit stems from the keyboard design that Apple calls butterfly wings on the 2015-2019 MacBook lines. This keyboard is prone to failure even under normal use, with debris, dust or dust accumulating over time, which can cause the keys to become damaged or sticky, according to *The Verge*. When the MacBook is out of warranty, users have to pay for themselves to replace the entire “tray”, the bottom part includes all components of the device except the screen. Many users have repeated butterfly key stuck errors. Casey Johnston famously wrote on *The Outline* that “The new MacBook keyboard is ruining my life.” Apple has continuously sought to improve this keyboard type over the past four years, but the problem remains unresolved. until the company returned to the old keyboard design before 2016 on the 16-inch MacBook Pro generation. A few months after the first 16-inch MacBook model was released, the butterfly keyboard design was completely removed from the models. In addition, the court’s ruling also approved a request from the plaintiffs’ attorneys for Apple to pay $15 million in legal fees. Lawmakers Girard Sharp and Chimicles Schwartz Kriner & Donaldson-Smith said in a statement that they want to get money into the hands of consumers soon.



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