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‘Magic Pen’ S Pen – inspiration for generations of Galaxy users

First appearing on the Galaxy Note series and recently the S23 Ultra, the S Pen not only impresses, but also creates a unique smartphone usage style through touching, writing, and drawing. Introduced in 2005, the stylus on mobile phones quickly created a trend for “connoisseurs”. However, the technological limitations of that time made the pen not really useful, quickly entering a cycle of decline before the appearance of the capacitive touch screen. In 2011, Samsung launched the Galaxy Note as an affirmation of the revival of the stylus. Up to now, the S Pen is still the first image that pops up every time a user mentions this legendary device. The S Pen has become the hallmark of users who require an “all-in-one” smartphone for maximum work and play. Up to now, the quintessence of the Galaxy Note series – the “magic pen” S Pen – has been integrated into the Galaxy S23 Ultra by the company to continue to help Note users satisfy their passion to conquer new challenges. ## Multitasking with touches Graduated from University with major in Communication, after 3 months of probationary period as a copywriter in the field of advertising, Hong Ngoc (25 years old) realized she needed a portable notebook to Take notes anytime, anywhere. Ideas can come at the most unexpected times, but carrying around a notebook and pen sometimes comes with inconvenience. That’s why Ngoc chose the Galaxy Note10+ smartphone – a powerful yet compact “workstation” with the most innovative screen and S Pen technology of the time 4 years ago. Ngoc shared: “Until the time I had the Note10+ in my hand, I still thought the stylus was just a decoration, mainly to make me look more ‘connoisseur’. But the ability to multitask makes me feel that the Note10+ is absolutely worth the money. This comes not only from performance, battery capacity or camera, but more importantly, the experience of touching, writing, drawing with the S Pen.” Believing that “one time writing is once remembering”, Ngoc always prioritizes taking notes in notebooks, notebooks or memo pads by handwriting instead of typing. With Note10+, every time the idea of ​​writing an article comes to mind, even at times like driving or jogging, Ngoc just needs to stop, open the device, take the pen and write directly on the lock screen. All operations are encapsulated in a few short seconds. Ngoc can even continue to write in old notes, or convert handwriting into typed text when needed. The S Pen on Note10+ also helped Duy Khanh (25 years old) during college. Wanting to become a reporter, Khanh joined the school’s professional club and started working in news production from the second year. The ability to link the S Pen with the camera of the device or turn the pen into a pen. Hand-held control during presentations is the most impressive point of this Gen Z. “In the past, when I had to lead the scene alone, I simply put the Note10+ on a tripod, then stood in the right position and pressed the button on the S Pen to take photos or record videos. Simple gestures make it easy for me to zoom in/out, focus or switch front/rear camera lenses. That’s not to mention the times when “fire fighting” recording with the S Pen, or using this pen to edit videos on the phone faster, “Khanh said. After that, Khanh often shows the results to the whole club and shares about the working process so that everyone can learn from each other. Connecting Note10+ to a computer screen via the Samsung DeX feature also helps this Gen Z turn the S Pen into a control to switch slides when needed. ## S Pen and more It is undeniable that the Galaxy Note in general and the S Pen in particular have won the hearts of Note users, through its multitasking ability and a series of unique features to improve learning productivity, work. However, over time, higher job requirements also entail user requirements for an ideal smartphone. Not stopping at an ordinary listening and entertainment device, smartphones are tending to become the “second brains” of modern owners. Used to multitasking with Note10+ for many years, Duy Khanh is considering the Galaxy S23 Ultra to come to life due to work needs that require more support in smartphones. “Finding and synthesizing documents is a critical skill for a reporter. However, we also have to constantly go to the scene to get information, we cannot always sit in front of the computer. So, I’m considering upgrading to S23 Ultra so I can read documents and take notes whenever my hands are free,” Khanh said. With the improved S Pen, Khanh can write directly on any application, instead of having to create notes like on the previous Note10+. Normally, after downloading a PDF document, Khanh will research, make notes, and then save it to a folder in the Notion application. This application is an “effective assistant” to help reporters manage their work including: Schedule appointments for interviews, return articles, store documents and develop a daily topic development plan. Khanh added: “In addition to the S Pen, it is undeniable that the S23 Ultra is a mini ‘workstation’ thanks to its powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor. The 5,000 mAh battery with innovative cooling technology helps me multi-task all day long. I often have to shoot and edit fast videos on the scene, so owning a powerful machine like the S23 Ultra helps me a lot in my work.” Samsung’s latest flagship also impressed Hong Ngoc at the first experience. Regularly meeting friends for coffee and taking unique check-in photos every weekend, Ngoc is both impressed with the high-quality camera system of the S23 Ultra and convinced by the non-touch gestures with S. Pen. “In the past, I used to take photos by pressing the button on the S Pen through my Note10+ and found it very convenient. After holding your S23 Ultra, I find things even more convenient when users can easily switch lenses or shooting modes with hand gestures without touching the screen. It feels like Harry Potter is dancing with magic wands”, Ngoc excitedly. Not stopping there, with the “magic pen” in hand, Ngoc can “turn” portraits and landscapes into personality paintings when adding emoticons, stickers, and pictures. drawing… according to hobby. With a latency of only 2.8 ms, the S Pen on S23 Ultra gives users the feeling of writing and drawing on paper, thereby inspiring artistic creation right on smartphones. Ngoc added: “With a 6.8-inch screen using 2K+ AMOLED panels with 120 Hz refresh rate, perhaps I will consider choosing S23 Ultra as my new companion in everyday life. Crisp picture quality with rich colors and smooth rendering is just what I need when watching YouTube or Netflix.” It can be said that the Galaxy S23 Ultra has raised the experience of using a smartphone to a new level, especially with the ability to write and draw anytime, anywhere with the S Pen that has “cut the hearts” of Note fans. With this flagship that is like a “second brain”, users can confidently “power Note” to become a better version of themselves, through a personal management system and a series of experiences. perfect every day.



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