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Manage Zalo, Telegram to ensure user rights

## The Ministry of Information and Communications said that the amendment of the Law on Telecommunications, including OTT telecommunications, aims to ensure safety, network security and user rights. Submitting to the National Assembly the draft Law on Telecommunications (amended) on the morning of June 2, Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Manh Hung said previously, the provision of telecommunications services must have network infrastructure, and network infrastructure management. is to manage always be telecommunications services. Today, on the Internet, it is also possible to deploy cross-border telecommunications services, posing a management problem that must ensure the principle of equality between services and safety and security issues. Therefore, the draft detailed regulations on management of the provision and form of licensing with telecommunications services, including data centers and cloud computing, to ensure flexibility, ensure an incentive mechanism. encourage the development of new services. Mr. Hung added, the development of new satellite technology such as beam satellite poses additional requirements, perfecting regulations governing the provision of cross-border satellite telecommunications services into Vietnam, protecting rights of users in Vietnam. Representative of the investigating agency, Mr. Le Quang Huy, Chairman of the Science, Technology and Environment Committee, said that OTT is essentially using the Internet to provide application software, such as Zalo, Viber, Telegram. According to international experience, basically, OTT is divided into two main categories, including OTT telecommunications and OTT providing information content. OTT has the function of conversation, online meeting, chat, and free messaging. This feature has led to the rapid development of the use of OTT services, greatly affecting the revenue of traditional voice and text messages of telecommunications enterprises in many countries, including the Vietnamese market. Management of telecommunications OTT will be an important policy, having a great impact on people, businesses, digital transformation, development of the digital economy and digital society. The majority of the Committee’s opinions agreed that the lack of legal regulation on this issue will lead to users’ interests not being guaranteed in terms of service security, transparency, information, ability to access. Therefore, telecommunications OTT needs to be managed in an appropriate manner. Earlier, at a meeting of the Ministry of Information and Communications in April, Mr. Cao Anh Son, General Director of Viettel Telecom, said that telecommunications businesses are witnessing a large decline in calling and SMS services, but the OTT applications have grown strongly, including applications that have grown at double-digit rates. “In that shift, the operator always ensures the infrastructure for OTTs to develop, but is not shared in infrastructure investment. The burden on the operator in infrastructure investment is a big problem,” he said. Son said. At the mid-April meeting of the National Assembly Standing Committee, Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Manh Hung said that 90% of the network capacity is serving OTT services, but the network operator does not earn the corresponding profit. infrastructure guarantee. “How to develop network infrastructure when OTTs are getting richer and carriers are getting poorer?”, the Minister asked. In addition, at the meeting this morning, it was suggested that the draft to put data centers, cloud computing and basic telecommunications on the Internet into the group that needs to be adjusted may increase the compliance costs of the company. related enterprises, affecting the benefits that such service can bring to the economy, negatively affecting foreign investment attraction in Vietnam. Therefore, the Committee proposes the drafting agency to study and consult the legislative experiences of other countries, clarify the expansion of the scope of regulation of the draft, and report to the National Assembly on the direction of system design. legislation related to the field of information and communication technology in the coming time.



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