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Many Apple devices are about to lose important permissions

## Apple will put many of its devices on the obsolete list, which means they will no longer have access to many of the company’s services. According to the latest information, Apple is preparing to cut off access to its main services for a few products it has ever launched, starting from May. Specifically, as of early May, access to Apple services, excluding iCloud, will stop working on devices running iOS 11 – 11.2.6, macOS 10.13 – 13, watchOS 4-4.23, tvOS 11 – 11.2.6. Users will receive updates requesting notifications. This information was confirmed by Stella – Fudge, who is one of the sources that provide many accurate details about Apple’s problems in the past. The report says that some iPhones, iPads, Macs and Apple Watches as well as Apple TVs will stop supporting the company’s services starting next month. Computers and Apple devices running their respective operating system versions will no longer support key Apple services, with the only exception being iCloud. Apple is expected to notify users affected by these measures, encouraging them to update their software to the latest version when possible. If the device is no longer supported, users will have to buy newer models. The reasons why Apple took this measure are still unclear, but according to analysts, this may stem from the implementation of new features that will not work as expected in versions of Apple’s software. . This decision by Apple is not a surprise when last month, the company published documents revealing that some versions of its software will no longer support services such as the App Store, Siri or even Apple products. even Maps. If this happens, a certain number of devices will be affected. Research data in February shows that only 2% of active iPhones in the world run iOS 14 or below, not to mention iOS 11 – 11.2.6 versions are not much.



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