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Many people now Fomo make Air zkSync too much, network fees are pushed up very high. In addition to zkSync, some L1&L2s are still in the process of Build Up to prepare tokens.

# **List of potential L1&L2 airdrop projects ** **1/ zkSync** – **zkSync **is L2 offering cheaper and faster transactions than ETH network. Raised a total** of $400 million. ** zkSync for about half a month will reduce the fee. **2/ StarkNet** – StarkNet is a decentralized ZK-Rollup. It acts as an L2 network on Ethereum. Raised:** $282 million** from Pantera Capital, a16z, CoinBase Ventures, Paradigm, Polychain, Polygon, Spartan, Alameda **3/ Aztec Network** **Aztec** under construction **zkMoney** , an L2 secure application built on top of the Aztec network. Aztec raised **119.1 million** in 4 rounds. Top Investors: Paradigm, a16z, A Capital, Coinbase Ventures, ConsenSys, A Capital, Coinbase Ventures, ConsenSys **4/ Scroll** **Scroll **is an L2 building ZK-rollup compatible with EVM The project raised **$50 million** in a funding round, resulting in a valuation of **$1.8 billion. 5/ First Shardeum ** **L1** Scalable under Linear Shardeum raised **18.2 million** from Spartan, Jane Street,… **6/ Fuel** Fuel is executable class for the blockchain module stack. It provides high security and has flexible bandwidth. Total Fund Raised: **81.5 million USD ** **7/ Celestia ** Celestia is the first modular blockchain network, has received over **56 million USD ** and is currently in testnet.

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