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Market Maker inflates the price of a project like?

## **STEP 1. SHOPPING STAGE** Normally, Market Makers will quietly collect goods during the accumulation phase of the market through 3 forms: * ICO, or a private sale round for partners * Buy OTC (Buy coins directly through the project they cooperate or through miners in large quantities) usually they will buy at a lower price than the current price of the exchange * Finally a form of direct purchase On the floor **Signs of consolidation** is the price continuously moving sideways for a long time in low price areas, usually buy and sell orders will be executed by bots to ensure a stable sizeway price area. * The longer the consolidation zone lasts, the stronger the pump will be for that token! ## **STEP 2: PRICE UP STAGE.** ***Check sentiment*** * Before preparing for the token price pumping phase, MMs will often release tokens to retest the token supply. * In case of successful test, retail investors start buying more tokens when the price drops. The MMs will proceed to buy in bulk, the market will officially break the accumulation phase and start the bullish phase. ***Collect more goods in combination with Marketing*** * For each bottom-off, they collect more goods and announce 1 good news about the project to attract new people, gain momentum to continue increasing ## **STEP 3: SILENT DISCLOSURE STAGE** ***Dense Marketing*** * When a coin begins to enter the dense Marketing phase, it is also the time when its pumping cycle is about to come to an end. . Shark Marketing is mainly to lure uninformed investors into Fomo at a high price, and create liquidity for them to sell out TT ***Separate assets with many wallets, sell goods in moderate volume*** * Phase This is also done skillfully by the MMs. Usually, they will divide the token into many unmarked small wallets and take profits gradually so that the price does not drop quickly ## **STEP 4: HUGE DISTRIBUTION STAGE** * Once satisfied with the profit, the Markets Maker will start selling tokens massively, pushing the market down, which prompts other investors to sell as well, causing the supply to be greater than the demand, leading to a sharp drop in the price. * Compared to the accumulation and price increase phase, the bearish phase happens faster with stronger intensity because in this phase, investors tend to want to sell assets quickly to cut losses as little as possible ## **ENDING** * When the stock market ends, the market will resume the cycle with a new accumulation phase You can see more: *How** Follow Market Maker’s cash flow** Comment in the video below!*

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