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. Hello ae, while the attention of the community is focused on the ARKM Airdrop, or the news from the Fed, Do Quan being released from prison, from Elon Musk to the Twitter X game … I will go back to research about a commodity that seems to have been forgotten in the LSD trend, which is MAV. Okay, let’s go let’s go!. This is probably a product that took away a lot of Stop-loss from ae traders at the price range of 0.37-0.38 before finding the bottom during the past few days. Regardless of whether the Market moves up or down, from the perspective of a researcher, let’s find out about this product. I will not delve into the model, its working mechanism anymore, you can go to GFI’s website to read it to understand better. In this article, I will focus on analyzing more deeply the stories and motivations surrounding MAV that I believe will help the price of MAV grow in the future. 1. TOKEN HAS THE MOST IN TEAM/MM Hands Of these, the majority are from Airdrop and Farming Launchpool. As you know, the Airdrop token I predict is mainly family members or MM. The reason for this is that when looking at the TVL LOCK data on the platform, it is easy to see that in the period before June 13, although no one knows anything about the Mavevick airdrop project as well as the Launch Pool, there was an unknown amount of money from the beginning of the project, locked on the platform. Is it the team that drives the price, or the team that aims to legally acquire tokens back into their hands? After June 14, retail users just started to deposit their money in the hope of saving some airdrop, but this number is not much. The amount of farming from Launchpool is MAV, then users will also tend to release it gradually, at this time, MM will collect slowly and gradually lower the price to collect more, but what is the point of collecting, to pump and release the price, nothing more ð If the token is in the hands of the team/MM, I think it’s fine, it will be easy to push the price and inflate. Therefore, this is an important data I think MAV will be able to increase in price in the near future. 2. REASONABLE MARKET CAP OF 1 LAUNCH POOL PROJECT – Usually, Dapp build projects (not Layer1,2) that are launched Binance Launch Pool/ Launchpad often have a market cap that drops to about $50 million-$80 million before the bull run. We can rely on the current Cap of MAV to predict what threshold the token price will be able to reach to make investment decisions. In the bad case, I think the Cap of a Launch Pool project will at most reach the $ 50 million mark, equivalent to the price of MAV of $ 0.2. It is very difficult to lower this level, and if it is lower, I think CZ has run out of power, and the next Launch Pad / Launch Pool projects are definitely extremely gloomy, BNB will also drop in price…. 3. NARRATIVE MAV WAR The main driving force of MAV’s price increase comes from this reason, if you’ve ever missed CRV War, Pendle War, don’t forget to research about MAV War. Mavevick builds in the direction of veToken, which has been a storm for a while to limit the inflation of the token, encouraging long-term users to accompany the project. The mechanics of MAV War revolve around veMAV and settle the liquidity for this token. I will briefly describe it below. The users providing liquidity on Mavevick will receive incentives from the project as MAV coins. But instead of holding or selling, releasing MAV key users => receiving veMAV, holding this coin has a lot of benefits: + Voting to see which pool gets the most Incentive + Receiving the main reward is MAV (inflation) of the project. + Get a share of the revenue from the protocol. The more profitable the business project, the more beneficial the holder is. + Receive Bribe payments from third parties. Users can lock MAV to receive veMAV, the longer the lock time, the more veMAV will be received. And during the lock time, you can’t unlock your token amount and now MAV War is born. A total of 5 projects intend to participate in this fight. These are: Spiral_DAO, StakeDAOHQ, stakewithrogue, tomcat_protocol, Unlockfi Users instead of locking MAV on Mavevick, they lock on the above protocols like Spiral DAO to receive 1 veMAV coin. Then the project will bring all your MAV to maximum lock on Mavevick. You can still get all the benefits of being on Mavevick and still be able to unlock at any time the number of MAV tokens you put in. Meanwhile, there is also an incentive of satellite projects, and in general, locking tokens on these projects will be much more profitable than locking on Mavevick => Mavevick War. To do that, MAV needs to be a place to attract cash flow, investors feel secure when locking money in. Let’s take a look at some of the notable highlights below 4. RECOGNITIONAL SPECIFICATIONS – TVL has continuously grown since the project’s launch – Large and stable volume => Attracting effective LP usage => Gaining a lot of transaction fees => profitable business => Pump is sooner or later – Market share of LSDfi segment grows steadily. SUMMARY A project with good fundamental analysis information with a reputable Backer, steadily growing TVL, Launchpool, Lsdfi trend, Narrative MAV War, tokenomic, support, the price increase is reasonable. The current market, the BTC boggart runs very unpredictable, people look up, people look down, but the most reasonable direction I am inclined to predict, the market will have a Pump up rhythm and Lsdfi waves like MAV can benefit. As a researcher, I feel it will have to be Logic if MAV has a growth phase in the coming period (xx or not). So I decided to poke 1.2 toes in this price range around 0.29-0.3, if it drops, it will drop to $ 0.2 (equivalent to 50 million cap) and stop. This is my personal opinion, do not recommend anyone to buy. Okay, my research about Mavevick Protocol has ended, if you find the information in the article useful, please give me a thumbs up and share. The information contained in this article is for informational purposes only, and does not constitute investment advice in this project. Thank you for your support, have a nice day! Source: Good Coin Investment Group

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