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Messenger does not show any traces sent on the computer and 3 very effective ways to handle it

## When using Messenger on (computer) (https://www.thegioididong.com/laptop) to chat with friends, you already know the tick icon at the back of each message will represent for whether the message has been sent or not, as well as whether the other party has received and viewed it or not? However, recently, there have been frequent errors (Messenger does not show any traces sent on the computer)(https://www.thegioididong.com/tin-tuc/messenger-khong-hien-dau-tich-da-gui -tren-may-tinh-1538062) makes users very uncomfortable. In this article, I will share with everyone how to deal with this problem. ## **first. Restart the computer ** The first way is also the simplest way that you try to restart your computer, this way will help the entire system of the computer to be reset and working. of more stable than that. You do it by, right at the desktop press **Alt + F4**, select **Restart** and press **OK** and you’re done. ## **2. Check your network connection** When your internet connection is not stable, the use of Messenger will certainly be affected. You have sent a message, but because of a network error, the tick icon does not appear. To fix this situation, please check the network again by **turning off WiFi** or **checking the wired network connection** (if you use a wired network). ## **3. Use another browser** In addition, you should try using Messenger on many different browsers to see if the error is fixed. Everyone can use **Edge**, **Chrome**, **Coc Coc**,… to use Messenger. Maybe this error is caused by the browser you are using. let’s try it out. Thus, I have guided to fix the error that Messenger does not show traces sent on the computer to you. Thank you for taking the time to view my post. If you find it interesting, please give me a like, a share and don’t forget to leave a comment below.



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