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Messenger encountered an error sending photos

Many Facebook users in Vietnam reflect that they cannot send photos to friends via Messenger messages, both on the app and on the web. Xuan Xanh, an office worker in Da Nang, said that when sharing photos and videos taken from phones with acquaintances, (Messenger)(https://vnexpress.net/chu-de/facebook-messenger-1548) shows display error message. She tried opening it on her laptop but it didn’t work either. On groups, a series of users also complained about the same situation. Meanwhile, Meta has not provided an explanation for the cause of the crash. On Downdetector, a site that monitors the performance of Internet services, the number of people reporting the Messenger error started at 4 p.m. and spiked within an hour after that. 74% said they had problems sending messages, 19% errors on the application and 7% errors from the website. Not only Vietnamese users, the problem is happening in other regions. Users in the US, UK and Asia were most affected. User Alexandra said she tried clearing the cache, restarting the phone, even deleting the app to reload, but still couldn’t send the photos. Around 9 pm, the error of sending photos has been fixed. In less than a month, the Messenger app crashed twice. Earlier on June 16, domestic users also (can’t see the content)(https://vnexpress.net/so-hoa/messenger-loi-dien-rong-4618540.html) a new message was sent to . In March, Meta’s service encountered a message recall error. By April, a series of users were locked out of Facebook and Messenger accounts for unknown reasons and it took many days to reopen. In Vietnam, this is one of the most popular messaging apps. On the App Store, the app ranks fifth in the social media popularity rankings. Messenger has also reached 5 billion downloads on Google Play. The Messenger crash occurred just a day after Meta launched its text chat client (Threads)(https://vnexpress.net/so-hoa/10-trieu-nguoi-dang-ky-threads-after- bay-tieng-4626137.html). Its interface is a combination of Instagram and Twitter. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said there were 30 million sign-ups to the new app in 24 hours.



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