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Meta users can video call with avatar

(Meta)(** created a new feature for users who want to appear as virtual humans on their network.** Meta is rolling out the ability to display as Meta avatars on video calls in Messenger and ( Instagram)(, the company announced on July 11. This new feature marks a notable expansion of the avatar system’s capabilities, a system that is slowly being built as part of Mark Zuckerberg’s metaverse vision. Based on a short video in Meta’s blog post, it looks like using Meta avatars in calls will be similar to how Apple allows users to use Memoji avatars in FaceTime calls. Meta avatars also change according to the user’s facial expressions and mouth movements, which can make it easier for users to see what someone is really saying when they chat as an avatar. Meta’s video shows, users can also switch to a number of animal-themed avatars, including cats, dogs, owls and llamas, so if you don’t want to use humanoid avatars, people Users can choose their own mascot to replace. In addition to these feature enhancements, Meta also says that the company is standardizing the look and feel of avatars on VR and its app family. “The standardized look and feel will make your avatar look more authentic and also mean you’ll be better able to showcase your fit,” says Meta. Accordingly, this could entice users to spend money on virtual clothing from the company’s avatar store.



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