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Microsoft unblocks Windows 11 upgrade from Windows 8.1

**Last November, Microsoft started reminding users about the end of support for Windows 8.1 before doing so in January 2023.** According to *Neowin*, based on terms from Microsoft, for PC users still using (Windows 8.1)(https://thanhnien.vn/microsoft-se-ket-thuc-ho-tro-windows-81-after-3053064-nua) and upgrade to the latest operating system. Windows 8.1 users can now upgrade to Windows 11 back WINDOWS BLOG The company explains that Windows 11 is “the most secure Windows ever made” as a reason for the upgrade. Specifically, it’s an operating system that comes with comprehensive end-to-end security with anti-virus engine, firewall, internet access protection, etc. This means it has more security features, dashboard screens and constant updates to help protect against future threats. All built-in at no extra cost. Meanwhile, the computer that came with Windows 8.1 was designed about 10 years ago. When migrating to (Windows 11)(https://thanhnien.vn/game-thu-nen-cap-nhat-ngay-windows-11-de-tang-trai-nghiem-choi-game-18523072001123223.htm), which requires hardware and software improvements, computers a decade ago may not respond. So Microsoft urges everyone to upgrade to new PC hardware. To push users to choose a new PC, Microsoft has blocked upgrading from Windows 8.1 to Windows 11 through the setup tool in Dev Channel build 25131, which was previously possible with build 25126. When upgrading, users will receive a message saying “Modern Setup Host has stopped working”. Even so, the latest discovery by Twitter user *XenoPanther* shows that the install.wim file included in build 25126 can indeed work on the latest Canary build (build 25905). This means that users can replace this file to perform an upgrade from Windows 8.1 to Windows 11. It’s still unclear why (https://thanhnien.vn/microsoft-tung-ban-va-132-loi-bao-mat-185230714130136912.htm) made this change, but it’s certainly good news for consumers.



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