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Microsoft’s web-browser virtual assistant can talk

# ** Microsoft’s web-browser virtual assistant can talk** **After announcing plans to discontinue Cortana virtual assistant for operating systems **(Windows)(https:// laodong.vn/cong-nguyen/microsoft-dua-tri-tue-nhan-tao-vao-windows-11-1196057.ldo)**, Microsoft is “unlocking” new capabilities for artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots ) Bing Chat on desktop Edge web browser.** (Microsoft)(https://laodong.vn/cong-nghe/microsoft-cung-cap-cac-mo-hinh-gpt-cho-chinh-phu -my-1202306.ldo) is bringing voice interaction mode to Bing chatbot on Edge desktop browser. With this latest update, users can ask Bing chatbot questions instead of having to write questions, and of course, Bing will also respond by voice. Like the voice interaction feature on the mobile version of the Edge web browser, users can select the microphone button on Bing’s chat box and ask a question. Microsoft says that its chatbot currently supports English, Japanese, French, German, and Mandarin (China), and notes that additional languages ​​are “on the way”. Microsoft’s move to bring voice mode to Bing Chat on the desktop comes as the company wants to remove the virtual assistant Cortana from Windows operating system later this year. While Cortana allows users to use voice commands to set timers, create reminders, and open apps, Microsoft is now directing users to Bing and the AI-powered Copilot virtual assistant that it is integrating into Windows 11. When the Windows Copilot virtual assistant goes public, it will show up directly on the Windows taskbar. With it, users can ask general questions such as requesting a summary of what they are viewing, adjusting (computer) settings(https://laodong.vn/cong-nghe/sieu-may-tinh- your-nvidia-nham-toi-phat-trien-tri-tue-nhan-tao-1198329.ldo), timer on, off.



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