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Millions of iPhone users just realized there’s an easy way to free up space in seconds

# **Millions of iPhone users have just realized there is an easy way to free up space in seconds** **If your iPhone storage is full, don’t worry because there are many ways to fix the situation this.** ( )( -king-nhan-ra-co-1-cach-de-dang-de-gia-dung-dung-in-the-shoulder-in-the-shoulder-20230430165726158.chn&lsn=1684114921101&dg=1cee60c87354174a10606183b8f4e608&ce=1&lc=8641830&cr=166=48741830&cr=16684 pg =222022&cid=-1& 11&xtr=eyJhc2lkIjo1NzY5fQ%3D%3D&sspz=2014504&ctr=2.158947772979736&sspr=0.6314&sspb=15000&rid=9a3a696a-8ebc-4fdf-9c20-6eb464084c1d141-64618de Here are 3 tricks to free up some storage space. ## **Delete Downloads** If you are a frequent listener to music, podcasts or watch Netflix, you may have downloaded a lot of content to your phone for offline viewing in case it doesn’t. have internet. Also, some apps have an automatic download feature. Many podcasters may have saved a large amount of audio files that they are unlikely to ever listen to. You can check which apps are using a lot of phone space by going to **Settings > General > iPhone Storage**. If you see that a certain media application is using a lot of memory, go and find the downloaded content, then start deleting it to free up space. ## **Offload unused apps** There is a clever hack built into iOS that allows you to free up space very quickly. It’s called “Offload Unused Apps” and is already present in your iPhone settings. This feature removes apps that you don’t use often from your phone, but it backs up those apps’ personal content in the cloud. That means you won’t lose any settings or files in the app. *”This feature automatically offloads unused apps when you’re running low on memory” *– Apple says – *”Your documents and data will be backed up”*. App will only offload apps that you don’t use often. When The Sun (UK) tested this feature, the results showed that it freed up to 38.17GB of space on the iPhone. To free up space this way, go to **Settings > General > iPhone Storage >** turn on **Offload Unused Apps.** ## **Review your video* * There is a third Apple trick built into your iPhone that can help you free up some space. It’s called “Review Downloaded Video”. Videos take up more space than photos and can easily take up gigabytes of storage. “Review Downloaded Video” is a feature that automatically collects videos you’ve downloaded to your iPhone, giving you an estimate of how much space can be removed. To do this, go to **Settings > General > iPhone Storage** and search for the option** “Review Downloaded Video”.** From here, you can see the storage level. that each video is occupying and then proceed to delete the videos you do not want to keep.



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