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Mistakes and experience when making AIRDROP

**Hello guys, I’m Vinh Head of Research Onchain from CPC Capital, the last time Arkham paid the airdrop quite a lot and it was also extremely easy to do but too few people noticed. I myself was fortunate to eat more than 2k Arkham so it was quite warm. However, I also have a few mistakes due to subjectivity and knowledge otherwise I would have gained more. So in today’s post, I’ll share some of the experiences I’ve realized when doing airdrops. First, please read the airdrop series again: ( QKS4tb5_qWLBPsSfa-2M/edit) ( )( I encourage everyone to read this article carefully, the easiest to understand visually is://www/group ungnguoiban/permalink/568294042117645/)( **Wrongs When Making AIRDROP Until ID paid airdrops to those who claimed OATs, or minted APT’s NFT testnet, I thought it was for fun but it was worth several thousand dollars. Or the most recent is Arkham, because I also have a community, so sharing the link is also quite good, but if I pay attention and be more sensitive, the number of Arkham I receive must be more than 2k tokens a lot. It can be seen that carelessness combined with subjectivity can cost us hundreds to thousands of dollars. The above absent-minded minutes made me think again. Not attaching importance to some items too easily from a potential project, being subjective and distracting when doing airdrops are things that should be abandoned in any case. To improve this problem, everyone should create an up-to-date support management sheet on the airdrop process and avoid confusing wallets with each other. **Never procrastinate **Things that should be done should be done immediately, not for a long time. This habit is easy for everyone to get into, even myself. In the past, when I went to the group, I saw a lot of people taking airdrop bets so I asked them and they advised me to do this and that but due to the habit of procrastination + laziness, I missed very good bets even though it was easy to do. In our life when participating in the market, each person will have their own time, everyone has their own busy time. But in order to make money, we need to invest time and brains into it. Everything has its price. We delay the airdrop maybe not because we are busy. Maybe it’s because of the long rounds of experimentation before the token is released, making people think there is a lot of time to do it. That thought kept repeating itself, and so the procrastination lasted longer. Then when we look back, the opportunity is no longer here for us. The crypto market never sleeps, market movements make opportunities come and go very quickly. With every small opportunity we miss, it gradually accumulates into a large loss. Therefore, to avoid delay, we should arrange a suitable time and be more careful when experiencing opportunities on ecosystems right in the coming days. Whether testnet or mainnet, we shouldn’t let procrastination slow us down. When this habit is eliminated, not only crypto but everything in life will be better. And by the way, I also recommend everyone to do Layerzero, Zksync or Starknet because it is very likely that this year these projects will release that token. Don’t delay any longer. **Mastering the source of information to make the right choice** Previously, when I first entered the market, I only made airdrops through the day based on accidentally encountered information or shared posts as an airdrop from HC Gem Alert or Pham Ninh, but later I realized that I need to be proactive to look for projects to do such an airdrop to help us not be passive in front of signal channels, we should only rely on these channels when we have more information. Later on, I gradually realized the importance of proactively capturing information: * Actively capturing information about the project I’m going to invest time in is the best way to save our spirit and energy. * Proactively capturing information early will help us not to miss any opportunities from the project * Without waiting for someone to present it to you, self-study will not only help optimize profits when hunting airdrops but also help us gain more experience to avoid fraudulent “missions” in the market. In the last few years, hundreds of millions of projects have helped investors earn thousands of dollars from the airdrop. When the project starts to run into media, the huge amount of fomo coming into the project will show us that an early start is the right thing to do. However, after the event that SUI decided not to airdrop for investors, I had to actively monitor the movements of the projects I was interested in more closely. Because if the information about the project does not intend to pay or has inappropriate actions, we need to consider the experience to avoid wasting more money and time. **No Costs **As I said, Airdrops are not always free. The process of experiencing the project sometimes requires you to pay a fee to operate, as most recently, when Arbitrum paid the airdrop, the family of the airdrop plow made the ETH network with gasfee extremely high, sometimes the cost to do it was higher than what I received. If people do not know their total capital, it is very likely that they will participate in testing many projects, but in return, no project will Airdrop Coin, or the amount received is not worth the effort. **Half experience** Half-experience means people do too little. For example, AMM projects often not only have Swap, but also provide liquidity. Therefore, if you only Swap a few symbolic commands, there is a high probability that you will not receive an Airdrop. And if people provide liquidity, but just put in and withdraw, then the probability of getting the bonus is also very low. Because the project giving Retroactive to users is because they contribute to the product, not because they have to receive the Airdrop. So if everyone does an airdrop, do it as real as possible, experience it like a real user because the airdrop is for marketing purposes. There are no standards to determine what the quality of activities is, but in general, if possible, doing it many times, with relative value, will limit these cases. **EXPERIENCE THAT MAKES AIRDROP MORE EFFECTIVE** During the Arkham bounty round, a few friends and brothers and sisters in my group recently received from a few hundred dollars to more than a thousand dollars. The feeling of fomo in my heart increased, thereby giving me the motivation to learn more about the airdrop. From my own research and the help of friends, I have drawn the following experience: * The chain of accounts associated with email such as Discord, Twitter, Galxe… must always be identical. * Always use the same wallet address throughout with the email identified above and should be linked when possible. * Participate in all actionable activities derived from the project. Background projects around the network should be done at a reference level. * Never click and connect to unorthodox links. * The source of funds transferred to the wallet addresses must be different. Example: Each account on the CEX exchange sends to a wallet address and avoids them interacting with each other. * Airdrop jobs are now more and more susceptible to sybil, so it needs more quality, not quantity * Balance the amount of assets spent to do the airdrop and determine if it can be lost. * Limit transactions that are too high and unnecessary. Extremely high fee transactions can be a phishing attack. **Finally, I would like to release the picture of eating Arkham airdrop for everyone to be motivated, thank you for reading!!!**

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