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Mistakes of new traders entering the market

**Aizen wish someone had told me earlier 5 years ago Read so you don’t fall for it **1. Using too much capital while not fully equipping yourself with the necessary knowledge** Yah, you want to make a lot of money, but the knowledge is almost = 0 You look at the P&L of the big guys and think about making money money is easy if you have as much capital as them And so you use all your financial resources to get in the game And of course, after a few months, you lose, get bitter and leave the market **Aiz’s experience** is to start with the smallest amount to participate in the market experience Trade for at least 6 months with a consistent investment style, only add outside money when the initial amount start to make profits The mistake of the crowd is that the more they lose, the more money they pour in with the desire to return to the shore It helps their account gradually go to zero, making them never have a profit. chance to do it again **The advice here is:** if you are losing continuously then your best course of action is to reduce the amount of your investment, stop pouring capital continuously from outside. Still the old saying: **If there is money, there is still an opportunity, only afraid of the opportunity to come, but no money ** **2. You expect to change your life quickly after a few days** **You want to make the most profit** **You want to take profits always at the top and buy at the bottom** But you forget one thing, the the richest people in the world they don’t change their lives in just a few days They take a long time to accumulate wealth and go up Remember,** High return comes with high risk**, you want to change your life after 1 At night, you also have to accept the story that you were empty-handed for a few hours. MEME coin just now is an example. Obviously, your original purpose of participating in the meme game is the lottery. But from the lottery purpose, you want to change your life quickly. thanks to memes You’re bleeding and you’ve lost everything Yah, **meme life changer story yes, but it’s not for the masses ** Experience is always managing capital and dividing portfolio Slowly and slowly increase your account every day, don’t rush, don’t rush to lose everything Remember: **Rome was not built in a few days** **But remember that Rome was destroyed destroyed in hours** **3. Entering an order but can’t see the risk and where to take profits** A lot of newbies buy into a certain coin because they heard someone say potential ABC They bought but could not identify the risk, this leading to when that coin drops They don’t know what to do and as a result a lot of people swing to the top ($BTC)( 65k. Sometimes they bought in and made a profit, but heard a lot of people say it’s x2 x3,… So when they were jubilant, they continued to have higher expectations. Should have left if they had left at the right time. , they made a profit But when the expectation was far from reality, they themselves became the top swingers because of their belief in price x2 x3, because of their belief in technology ABC XYZ,… **Financial market always create virtual millionaires**, typically the stories of billionaires ($RACA)( **Remember, the money hasn’t been in the pocket yet it’s virtual, the money on the floor belongs to CZ** **The money in the pocket is mine** Aiz would have been 10 times richer now if 5 years ago Aiz always knew when to take profits and when What is the point of stop loss But wisdom always takes time and Aiz learned it after a long series of days **4. Forever searching for the holy grail There is no holy grail in investing, the holy grail is yourself** **Indicator is just a tool to support your investment decision** But first when using any Indicator, you also have to learn Logic and how to use it It’s bad not understanding the tools you use, it’s like you holding a gun but don’t know how to put the bullet And as a result you can’t shoot anyone Aiz see much you use RSI only know how to use each divergence and force you to see the divergence as Short top or Long bottom This is very wrong, try opening Chart ($LINA)( 24LINA&src=cashtag_click)($CFX)( and find out Aiz used to spend a lot of time searching for the holy grail, but finally the grail came from the very basics Use 1 strategy and 1 consistent trading method, use it long enough and feel the effect Everyone can use Tradingview and backtest your trades, every backtest write down reason for entering the order, Why did this order win, why did this order lose ->Edit and continue to upgrade the system Participating in backtesting the chart in the past has helped Aiz have a lot of experience in practice, Of course actual trading is a little different from past chart backtesting **5. Without a companion, a teacher **It is always easier to go together than to go alone Knowledge in the market is too much, and if you are alone, you will be buried in a lot of information believe and take a lot of time to learn something. Find yourself a friend, a teacher, or a mentor to go together, or find yourself a group full of quality people like **”Ryan and Friends”** Always exchange and receive adding new knowledge from people around you will save you time and go faster Always explore and learn every day Maybe that knowledge was true last season, but maybe next season it is outdated , continuous innovation is essential so you don’t get left behind by the market What’s the mistake people make when they’re just entering the market? Please share below for everyone to read and learn together

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