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Misunderstandings about air conditioning fans

Air conditioning fans have a simpler cooling mechanism than air conditioners, while not humidifying the air as much as misting fans. Electric fans and wall-mounted air conditioners are two commonly used cooling devices in the summer. However, due to the high cost and installation conditions, many people cannot equip the air conditioner, and one of the other cooling devices that are of interest to users is the air conditioner fan. In (survey)( on May 4, 25% of readers said that they are use an air conditioner fan. However, there are also many misunderstandings about the mechanism of action of this type of product. **The air conditioner fan can cool like an air conditioner** The similar name makes many people think that the air conditioner fan also has a cooling mechanism like an air conditioner. However, this device does not have an outdoor unit, an indoor unit, does not use refrigerant and a compressor to create cool air in the room. The fan uses water for cooling, but through a Cooling Pad, it adopts a natural evaporation mechanism to create cool vapors in the air. The cooling mechanism of the air conditioner fan depends a lot on the actual environment, usually only effective if the place of use is over 30 degrees Celsius, hot and dry. If the humidity is already high, the air conditioner fan is almost as effective as a regular fan. **Must be used in a closed room** Contrary to what many people think, the air conditioner fan needs to be used in a well-ventilated place. This both helps the wind to circulate better, as well as avoids the moisture from the fan remaining in the room for too long, causing mystery and discomfort. Products are also often used in public spaces such as factories or non-closed houses, where it is difficult to install air conditioners. **Operation similar to steam fan** Air conditioner fans are often confused with steam fans because they both use water for cooling. The humidity generated by the air-conditioning fan is significantly less than that of the evaporative fan due to the use of a natural evaporation mechanism when penetrating through the Cooling Pad. The product also increases air humidity, affecting electronic devices, but to a lesser extent than evaporative fans. **Temperature adjustable** Air conditioner fans are often advertised as being able to reduce the air temperature by 6 to 8 degrees Celsius, but in fact this is only true when used in hot and dry environments above 30 degrees Celsius. The specific reduction is also completely dependent on temperature and humidity when used and cannot be adjusted like conventional air conditioners. **Use instead of air conditioner** Air conditioner fans cannot replace air conditioners both in terms of cooling efficiency and power usage. Products are often used in spaces where air conditioning cannot be installed or in areas where events, meetings are not fixed, outdoors. The unit is highly portable, easy to use for most users, and costs about a third of a typical air conditioner. **Can be used with essential oils** Many users believe that the air conditioner fan can put essential oils in the water container to create a fragrance throughout the room. However, manufacturers recommend not to use because essential oils can stick to the Cooling Pad, hinder the penetration and evaporation of water, and lose its cooling effect. In addition, if used for a long time, essential oils also accumulate dirt, mold, greatly affecting the health of users. **Always refill the water tank** Air conditioner fans often use open spaces, so the design has wheels to move all necessary areas. Filling the water tank can cause water to overflow when moving the device, affecting engine parts and electronic circuits. Some manufacturers recommend filling only 70-80% of the tank with water.



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