Friday, September 29, 2023


Since ancient times, hundreds and thousands of years ago, people knew how to exchange goods in kind. Gradually they found an intermediary that underlies the exchange process. Specifically gold, is silver, is copper. They are used for payment because many people find them beautiful, easy to maintain and many people accept it, so it is considered a currency called gold coins before the appearance of paper money. Nowadays, science develops, the emergence of a new currency is gradually accepted by many people, similar to gold, bitcoin, bitcoin can coin is digital gold, eth can be digital silver, BNB can be considered as a metal Gold is used as currency because it is accepted by many people and always increases in value over time despite the inflation of paper money, bitcoin is even better than gold because of its ability to transfer money. translate to the whole world in just a few minutes through computer block algorithms, and best of all, the ability to split units up to 0.00…01btc via block algorithm which gold is difficult to do because of the limitation Limited physical properties, broken down to 1.2 grams of gold is very difficult to hold and preserve. Gradually bitcoin was accepted as payment like gold hundreds of years ago. I believe paper money will be a thing of the past, electronic payment, cryptocurrency will take the throne Bitcoin will be like gold. 1gm gold for 15g silver, 1bitcoin for 15eth. New age currency is born. People change, technology changes. In the past, when we transferred foreign currency from Vietnam to foreign countries, banks, tax authorities made it difficult to do everything, transferring large amounts of money to foreign partners would be monitored immediately, the payment process could be completed. few days, but today electronic money was born, the freedom of currency payment when paying money abroad will be simpler and faster. And most of all, bitcoin is better than gold in terms of storage or mobility, we can store billions of dollars worth of bitcoins in a cold wallet or a hot phone wallet and it’s just as compact as possible. keep it in your pocket or store it on metamask platforms, never worry about fire or breaking into houses to steal gold, and most importantly, you can carry 1 billion dollars worth of bitcoins with 1 electric handle. phone, but can’t carry tons of gold with both hands to the street. We are living in the digital age…. DON’T LET OURSELVES AND LEAVE BELOW.

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