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More than $20M added liquidity for ARB on Uniswap, what should you guys add LP for ARB?

Only 2 hours more ARB will be officially released to the market. DataFi sees an ongoing trend of one-way LP add-ons for ARB-pairs on Uniswap. In which, 1 whale added more than $ 5M to 2 pairs ARB/WETH and ARB/USDC. *However, those of you who intend to add LP on Uniswap for ARB should note: * There are currently a number of fake ARB addresses. As everyone looks forward to the launch of ARB, many fomo brothers will not be able to distinguish between real and fake tokens, so LP-ers benefit from both the fee and price fluctuations of the fake ARB. In addition, 99% of the tokens of a fake ARB are in a personal wallet and they can completely rug pull at any time. 3 of the fake addresses, everyone should absolutely avoid: 0x9106d959860caa571d68ebD32061d164356E1248 0x916c1daf79236700EB67E593dC2456890FFBA548 0xf6da7fB548da5D4066e6feFBcEf4RB is the official address496a**4594 of the official address499CE12446

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