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Most useful features on iOS 16.4

# **Most useful features on iOS 16.4** **The latest iOS update has just been announced with many software features to improve user experience.** **Add emojis . **After several weeks of testing, iOS 16.4 is now available to all iPhone users, bringing with it some useful new features. Apple’s just-released update adds 21 new emojis including animals, hand gestures, and objects. **Receive notifications from the web browser on the lock screen.** In addition to bringing new emojis, iOS 16.4 also supports users to receive notifications from web apps like Safari, including web browsers. 3rd party on the home screen. To install iOS 16.4 on iPhone, users can go to *Settings > General > Software Update > Update to iOS 16.4. *If iPhone is set to automatic updates, it will handle the download and installation of iOS 16.4 on behalf of the user. **Voice Isolation Feature.** The iOS 16.4 update provides iPhone users with a new feature called *Voice Isolation*. According to Apple, *Voice Isolation* helps highlight the user’s voice and block out background noise, making conversations clearer. During FaceTime calls, the *Voice Isolation* feature can be turned on by going to *Control Center > Microphone Mode > Voice Isolation*. This feature is similarly enabled for regular calls. ** “VoiceOver” support for maps in the Weather app.** After updating to iOS 16.4, users can use the *VoiceOver *feature for maps in the Weather app. The fastest way to launch this feature is through Siri, by saying: “Hey Siri, turn on VoiceOver”. **Upgraded “Ask to buy” feature.** When a child wants to buy or download an app, the *Ask to Buy* feature sends a notification to the parent’s device. Parents can now use their device to approve or deny the request. However, this feature sometimes fails on older software updates, causing some purchase notifications by young children to not be delivered to parents’ devices. With iOS 16.4, Apple says this bug has been fixed, preventing children from accidentally buying or downloading unnecessary apps. ** Dim the strobe light. **Videos with excessive flickering may be harmful to eyes. The new *Dim Flashing Lights* feature in iOS 16.4 helps prevent this by intelligently analyzing your video content and dimming the screen every time a flicker is detected. . To enable this feature on iPhone, go to *Settings > Accessibility > Motion* and turn on *Flashlight Dimming*. In addition, iOS 16.4 also optimizes the *Crash Detection* feature exclusive to iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro, and improves detection of duplicate photos and videos.



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