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Most visible change on iPhone 15

**iPhone 15 is expected to have an oscillation instead of a notch like iPhone 14.** Predictions for upcoming models ( weak focus on the screen of the device. According to *AppleInsider*, the iPhone models released this year will keep the same aspect ratio, only upgrading the dynamic screen for the regular version. Next year, the iPhone 16 Pro will have a larger screen than its predecessors and the aspect ratio of the device will also be stretched. In a post, Ross Young, an expert at Display Supply Chain Consultants, revealed the “iPhone Screen Roadmap” which details the screens used for the iPhone 15, iPhone 16, and iPhone 17, as well as Pro models. of each generation. The iPhone 15 and 16 models will often also switch to a dynamic screen like the iPhone 14 Pro, instead of a notch. The two phones are expected to use LTPS panels and have screen sizes of 6.12 inches and 6.69 inches, respectively. As for the iPhone 16 generation, Young’s document says the screens are 6.27 inches and 6.86 inches for the iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max models, respectively. The aspect ratio of generations from iPhone 13 to iPhone 15 is 19.5:9, the iPhone 16 version is usually the same, but the iPhone 16 Pro version will have an aspect ratio of 19.6:9. Young said the screen size increased slightly to integrate the new camera systems. If this prediction is correct, next year’s iPhone will look a bit longer and narrower than it is today. As for the iPhone 17 generation, the Pro models are expected to have Face ID under the display and a punch-hole camera. The iPhone 17 version will usually be upgraded with LTPO and ProMotion panels like current Pro versions.



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