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**First, we will look at the wallet behavior of BTC wallet groups. The group of 10k BTC is still actively accumulating (photo 1), the asymptotic group has also just entered the game (brown color 1m-10m$) (photo 2) while most of the remaining wallets have exhausted their selling power and have not signs of return, especially small wallets – symbolizing retailers Not stopping there, in these days, when the crowd is still waiting for 25kx, the amount of stablecoin dip on the floor is increasing, in the past 24 hours, nearly 300m $ over the network Bsc has dipped on Cex (Centralized exchange – photo 3). While many Kols and channels as well as retailers wait for 25kx, as well as new cash flow has not been brought into the market (photo 4), this Stablecoin dip is most likely from MM, VC or collectively known as the “bookmaker” — ————————————————— —- So except for the big guys, what are the crowds or retailers doing? – For analysis we will need data from 3 types of charts: technical analysis, liquidity and heatmap orderbook ———————– ——————————— First of all, PTKT (Figure 5), then this is a multi-channel model are following and calling their members, then according to this VDV structure, the area 27k5 onwards to 28k is a nice selling zone, with 0.5 fibo confluence, retest Key level H4 and good supply resonance. From the technical point of view, this is a good area to enter short The selling volume is waiting to be matched from the price of 27k5 onward further confirming the short position of retailers (photo 6) ——- ————————————————- Position However, the general psychology of the crowd is greed and lack of waiting, so for the next few hours, the selling force continuously increased every time BTC went high and clearly showed through the funding rate (photo 7) and long/short ratio (photo 8) —————————————— ————– As for non-short players, where are they waiting for? – Based on the liquidity chart (photo 9), we have a huge buy wall located at 25k6 and below. While we need to know one thing that limit orders are always recorded on the exchange and 3rd party tools, so MM will often go straight to market orders, through which we can understand the structure of this buy wall coming from retailers. -> In short, retailers are and will go short when the price goes up, on the other hand, they will and will buy BTC again when the price falls below the 25k6 area. The limit photos at binance and coinbase show more clearly the wait-and-see view (photo 10) But we need to ask the question, will the price come here, if so, what if not, why? ————————————————— —- – Looking back a bit, we have got information that the overall selling power of the market has exhausted and bottomed out including retailers and big players for 4 weeks now. – Retailers are trying to short when the price goes up and wait to buy when it reaches the buy zone – Meanwhile, we all understand that the minority always wins and for MM to win this phase they need to make the crowd liquid for them. -> That means they have 2 ways 1. Stamping the price really hard, causing the investors to sell off to keep the price down and then collect it gradually. However, the fact that MM dip stablecoin is listed on the exchange, the discharge force is exhausted and there are signs of accumulation, this direction is not convincing because if it is released again, it is likely that retailers will stop them and push themselves into it. that’s hard. So we come to the other way which is 2. Slow down and STOP only to the area where the shorts are difficult to take profits and the collectors have not entered the line yet, the area >26k1, but making the price impossible without a reason. yes and … coincidentally, we still have 2 good reasons to go to this price phase: BTC gap at 26k5 (photo 11) and Miner dip BTC hit the floor at its biggest level in 2-3 months (pictured) 12), although the amount of BTC is small, it is still a good reason to move the price. ————————————————— – – So the scenario we can predict, is to drop to below or around 26k5, then MM will buy up, and push the chart up strongly…however, why at this point? Obviously, the bookie can SW here, psychological torture as always, or annoying BTC up and down, but why dip a large amount of stablecoins and move faster. That answer is because of the **HongKong event. **It has to be said that HK is promoting and following the plan, to the point of gradually implementing a legal corridor for crypto (photo 13) —————– ——————————— This is an event that Luong believes anyone in this market will definitely I’ve heard about it, but I believe that most people have not appreciated this event properly – Everyone needs to understand, from the time after FTX, the cash flow is more WITHDRAW than DEPOSIT into this market. (review photo 4) withdrawals have only decreased, but deposits have not increased – More specifically, the bridge between traditional cash flow and the market is 2 banks SILvergate bank and Signature bank DIE since the end of last year (pictured). 14-15). – Meanwhile, the withdrawal force still maintained a lot, but BTC still increased from 16k to 31k spectacularly with money ONLY IN THE MARKET! – And HK is the 4th Global Financial Center in the world, after New York, London and Singapore. It is not simply a bridge with American investors, but a whole financial system connecting the cash flows of Asia (photo 17), not to mention that China has launched a financial package and opened many technology seminars. from the beginning of the year until now (photo 16). ————————————————— —— – But Hong Kong is NOT currently the number 4 financial center like the press, maybe even more than that, because we have the US as the top 1 economy that is constantly facing. banking and financial problems (picture 18-20). Not to mention the public debt is reaching the ceiling (photo 21) and the recession is gradually escalating. – while London is in the top 2 of the UK, this country still has a very high and decreasing inflation rate (photo 22), it still needs a continuous increase in interest rates to deflate (photo 23), which indirectly decreases money supply and pegged GBP up -> causing trade and economic decline. – Finally, Singapore ranked above HK because at the time of recording, HK was closed due to the pandemic, so now that HK is back in the game and promoted, it is difficult for Singapore to pass** – > **That’s all, you can understand what Hong Kong’s current stature means to our market in the next event. + But becoming the next crypto center does not mean that Hong Kong will list them all, but only focus on those with high capitalization first. Specifically, we don’t have a list yet, but because of that, when there is a list, it will be good news for the market in general and that child in particular, with the current speed of promotion, according to Luong, no later than 7 days before the event will be available (next week). And that is also the answer to the reason why MM rushes in this week. ————————————————— —— In summary, our strategy is simple, spread capital, gradually enter altcoins and dca by date or price point, prioritize children related to HK and or new, so when BTC * *under 27k and 26k5**. This is the path that will be in tune with the house play, making this plan a high win rate, but also because of that, be subjective, always be careful, consider a reasonable capital. It has been a long time to read this far, Luong thanks you for taking the time to follow up and reflect, hope that we will soon pick sweet fruits from this Plan. P/s: thanks to the admin team for approving the post!** **

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