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Netflix is ​​testing blocking account sharing in Vietnam

**Users can still press the “Skip” button when Netflix asks for shared account authentication, but this may not last long.** (Netflix)( shared among family members in some countries around the world. At the end of July, users in Vietnam reported that they started receiving notifications asking for authentication “living in the same house as the owner (account)(” when accessing the application. Accordingly, when the user logs on to (Netflix)(, the system displays a message that requires verification of the profile account ( .vn/yeu-cau-netflix-fpt-go-bo-phim-co-hinh-anh-duong-luoi-bo-185230709182043927.htm) for people living in the same location”. Checking the internet connection with the original subscriber owner is determined automatically If not the same address, the user can verify through the code sent to the email of the account holder (Netflix subscriber). This means that if the user knows who the original subscriber is, it will not be difficult to obtain verification information, while the group of customers who buy the share package from a stranger online will face more difficulties and risks. Currently, when the system shows a notification, users can still choose “Skip” to continue using as usual. Netflix has not completely blocked account sharing in Vietnam, but when the testing process ends, the platform’s policy will not allow Profiles other than the internet address of the subscriber to be accessed to watch movies. On the service support page in Vietnamese, Netflix also added a provision on sharing subscription accounts (with monthly/annual fee). Specifically, a Netflix account can be shared between people living in a household, who do not belong to this group need to register for a separate account to use. The new regulation is being implemented in advance on smart TVs (smart TVs) because this is a fixed device, using a single internet network, and is easy to manage. In the coming time, the platform can be tightened on other mobile devices such as phones, tablets, personal laptops… to force users to register new subscribers. In some markets where shared subscription management has been tightened, Netflix requires users to pay an additional cost for each shared profile with users who are not in the same household, or to sign up for a new account. The company also added a cheaper subscription package with ads. In Vietnam, users can watch Netflix with a free account on Android with certain limitations (for example, not the highest resolution, no exclusive movies…). Currently, the price of a one-month Netflix subscription in Vietnam is VND 108,000 (reduced from VND 180,000 in early 2023). But most Vietnamese people use a shared account costing 260,000 VND/month with 4 sub-profiles, sharing the above amount to save costs.



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