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New Apple Watch Ultra will use 3D printed components

# ** The new Apple Watch Ultra will use 3D printed components ** ## According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple will print some mechanical parts of the second generation Watch Ultra to reduce production costs . Earlier reports said the second-generation Apple Watch Ultra will launch later this year and the manufacturing process is said to take a different approach. Apple will switch to 3D printing for some of the mechanical parts found in its wearables and there will be a number of benefits. Writing on his blog, TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicts the new Apple Watch Ultra will 3D print some titanium mechanical parts. Kuo says existing 3D printed parts still have to go through some ancillary processes, but ultimately this has two worthwhile benefits: improved lead times and reduced costs. Kuo also said that IPG Photonics is the exclusive supplier of laser parts for 3D printed mechanical parts, while printer suppliers are Farsoon and BLT. If streamlined and according to plan, Apple can apply more 3D printed parts in other products, helping to reduce lead times and costs to produce at scale. Apple suppliers will also benefit, and there could be more companies added to the list to help the tech giant get better prices. Despite being 3D printed, aluminum and titanium are considered more durable materials than plastic. However, the process can also use a variety of materials and Apple may have thought of this. Apple Watch Ultra is expected to be officially announced later this year.



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