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New color may appear on iPhone 15

# **New color may appear on iPhone 15** **According to leaked information, the new color of iPhone 15 Pro/Pro Max is crimson. The mint green version will also return to the regular line, with a few changes.** Since February, news that Apple is finalizing the crimson color option for the iPhone 15 Pro/Pro Max series has been covered by many websites. news. This will be an exclusive color for this year, similar to Pacific Blue or Deep Purple of previous years, besides the gray, white and yellow versions. This was once again confirmed by a Weibo account owner who specializes in providing highly accurate rumors about the new generation iPhone. Last year, this person provided information about the dark purple iPhone 14 Pro / Pro Max, months before its launch. The account holder also updated the change in the LED flash cluster of the iPhone 2022 generation. The above information completely coincides with the focal length zoom feature of the model. Recently, the aforementioned Weibo account owner described that the iPhone 15 Pro / Pro Max will have a crimson color, but Apple has processed it so that it is a bit lighter than the purple color on the iPhone 14 series. Before that, the version The red color of Apple devices is usually part of the (Product) Red program. A part of profits from equipment sales will be used to raise funds for HIV/AIDS prevention. However, the company’s professional models (with the suffix Pro) rarely have this option. In addition, the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus will also bring back the green color. The last time users had this color choice was from the iPhone 12 generation. In addition, two other versions of this model, which are expected to be released in September, are blue and light pink options. According to many previous rumors, the color versions on the iPhone 15 series will have changes. The reason is that Apple is testing the frame made from titanium material for the two most high-end machines. This type of material has been used by the company for Apple Watch cases for many years. However, using it for the iPhone’s large frame would be a fabrication challenge. *9to5Mac *indicates that Apple will test different colors of iPhone models, ahead of release date. With the change to titanium, the company needs to redo the material coating process. Apple will have to take into account many factors, including profit margin, processing time and cost. In Vietnam, the new color version of iPhone Pro / Pro Max is often very popular. In 2022, the Deep Purple color in the iPhone 14 series was sold out for many months. However, on the secondary market, gray, white, and yellow machines are easier to resold because of their neutral colors and are less outdated after versions.



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