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New king of mobile photography for opponents to inhale heavy smoke

## **DxOMark has released the latest smartphone camera quality rankings, where the Huawei P60 Pro is shockingly far ahead of the competition.** Different from previous top-ranked smartphones by just over one score compared to the product in second place, (Huawei)( P60 Pro has scored 3 points ahead of their closest rival. The phone features a main camera that can change aperture like what’s on the Mate50 Pro, upgrading computational photography for instant night mode photography. Going further, Huawei also introduced the first periscope system with the most versatile telephoto camera ever on a smartphone. With a close focusing distance of just 10cm matched with a 90mm optical reach (3.5x zoom equivalent), it’s an incredible macro photography tool even if it doesn’t have the same range as a telephoto lens. 10x of the Galaxy S23 Ultra. Deeper still, the P60 Pro has a main sensor that combines a 48 MP sensor with a wide 25mm focal length and variable aperture, starting at f1/.4 and gradually increasing to f/4. This makes the P60 Pro the smartphone with the most powerful camera available today for taking long exposure photos and even shooting in low light. The least impressive camera on the back of the Huawei P60 Pro is the 13 MP ultra-wide camera, with built-in autofocus and an f/2.2 lens. Even so, it can still take super close-up shots as close as 4cm for a macro photography style that’s closer to fisheye. Not only does the hardware help the Huawei P60 Pro’s camera rise above the competition, the phone’s software also takes photography to the next level. Huawei has found a way to instantly frame shots and produce night mode photos without waiting for long exposures like competitors from Apple, (Samsung)(https:// or Google. It’s the same superframe computing magic that helps periscope cameras capture sharp images under ideal conditions. Of course, the biggest drawback in Huawei P60 Pro lies in the fact that the product is affected by a ban from the US government, making the device not support any Google applications and miss out on 5G, despite its high price. . Even so, the company is still willing to invest heavily in R&D activities in the field of photography.



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