New MTN Activation Codes and Data Prices

New MTN Activation Codes and Data Prices 1

New MTN Activation Codes and Data Prices ranges from daily, weekly and monthly; they are flexible and affordable. The monthly data plans can be used up to 30 days, the weekly is up to 7 days, the daily plans can be used in 24 hours which is their validity period. Meanwhile, there are heavy data packages that valid for 60 days and 90 days, they are Quarterly plans.

Moreover, some current MTN data plans have additional bonus that can be used between 1am to 7am. These bonus are time-restricted, you don’t expect it to browse a whole day like the main data plan.

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New MTN Activation Codes and Data Prices

Plan Validity Opt-in Code
MTN Daily Plans
50MB @ N100 1 Day Dial *104#
100MB @ N200 1 Day Dial *113#
MTN Weekly Plans
150MB @ N300 7 Days Dial *102#
500MB (+ 250MB bonus data) @ N500 7 Days Dial *103#
MTN Monthly Plans
1GB + (+ 500MB bonus data) @ N1,000 30 Days Dial *106#
1.5GB @ N1,200 30 Days Dial *130#
2.5GB (+ 1GB bonus data) @ N2,000 30 Days Dial *110#
5GB @ N3,500 30 Days Dial *107#
10GB @ N5,000 30 Days Dial *116#
22GB @ N10,000 30 Days Dial *117#
Quarterly 60/90 Days MTN Plans
50GB @ N20,000 60 Days Dial *118#
85GB @ N50,000 90 Days Dial *133#
MTN Night Plan
500MB @ N25 For one night Send “NIGHT” to 131 as SMS text message


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