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New scam tricks revealed, banks warn users

# ** New scam tricks revealed, banks warn users** Recently, some banks continue to warn users about impersonation scams raging again. Specifically, recently, there have been a number of subjects pretending to be civil servants and officials of state agencies, instructing people to install fake applications for Tax, eTax Mobile … to gain control of phones, collect money. collect personal information, bank account. Playing the role of civil servants and officials of state agencies, these subjects will provide links and guide users to install fake software applications of the authorities, in order to steal personal information and information. bank account information for the purpose of appropriating assets. In the face of complicated developments in fraud and appropriation of assets using high technology, Agribank sends warning information to help customers quickly recognize common forms of fraud today and raise vigilance and build awareness. security line against sophisticated tricks. Previously, at the beginning of May 2023, Maritime Commercial Joint Stock Bank (MSB) said that in the past few days, there had been a reappearance of frauds impersonating bank messages to appropriate money in customers’ accounts. . Objects forged messages with content announcing the activation of the Mobile App on another device and asking customers to click on the attached fake link. This link leads to a fake website with an interface similar to the bank’s website, asking customers to enter their username and password and OTP code. If you do, the crooks will take advantage of it to take money from the customer’s account. The bank notes that people should use official platforms and applications for transactions provided by the bank; do not provide information to anyone (including the bank) including: login password, OTP authentication code, Soft Token PIN code, activation code and other security information; Immediately notify the bank if you suspect that your account information has been lost or fraudulent transactions have occurred. Previously, on April 30, a number of banks in Vietnam also issued a warning about a new trick that is a fraudulent act of appropriating the right to use phone numbers (eSIM / SIM robbery). In this case, the fraudster claimed to be an officer of a telecommunications company, contacted the customer by phone, text message and asked for support to upgrade and switch sim 4G/5G for free. If the customer agrees, the object will guide the customer to text according to the syntax to convert. Customers who follow will have their right to use the phone SIM. After capturing the phone SIM, the fraudster will log in and use e-banking applications, e-wallets linked to the customer’s bank account/card to appropriate money…



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