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New trend of laptop manufacturers

# ** New trend of laptop manufacturers** **OLED screen technology is the expectation of manufacturers to restore laptop sales in the market.** Laptop with OLED screen becomes a highlight at the exhibition Computex 2023. According to *Bloomberg*, this is a new strategy of manufacturers in the hope of recovering the market after a long period of decline. OLED panels for vibrant colors, higher contrast than LCD screens, but also consume a lot of energy. After many years of appearing on smartphones, OLED has gradually become a remarkable technology on laptops. “At Asus, we believe that OLED panels are the future of laptops,” Samson Hu, co-CEO of Asus, told *Bloomberg*. Two years after launching the first laptop with an OLED screen, the Taiwanese company owns 55% of the global OLED laptop market share. However, OLED laptop sales only accounted for 3% of the entire market. According to analyst Annabelle Hsu of IDC, the reason why OLED laptops are not popular is cost. Specifically, 15.6-inch OLED screens cost 2.5-3 times more than comparable LCD screens. On the market, the laptop versions using OLED are all $ 150-200 more expensive than the standard model. Part of the reason also comes from monopoly. Samsung Display accounts for more than 99% of OLED screen production for laptops. According to an Asus representative, the participation of some companies such as BOE or LG Display will make screen prices more competitive. Analysts of IDC said that LG Display is planning to sell OLED panels for laptops to meet demand. This move comes in the context of Apple being rumored to switch to OLED screens on MacBooks. “There are some obstacles related to technology,” Hsu said. The most modern OLED panels use LTPS (low temperature polycrystalline silicon) technology for fast response times and better colors, but are difficult to mass-produce for screens 15 inches or larger. Most manufacturers currently only equip OLED screens for high-end laptops, some models are also Pantone certified due to good color rendering. At Computex 2023, MSI launched a laptop with a 16-inch OLED screen, a limited edition called Stealth 16 Mercedes-AMG Motorsport. Another model is the Acer Swift Edge 16 Acer, which features an OLED display, but starts at just $1,300. Gigabyte’s Aero series is also equipped with an OLED panel, thin and light in size, but with limited battery life. The self-luminous nature of each pixel of OLED makes manufacturers a headache in optimizing laptop battery life. Besides Asus or Acer, Samsung Display is also working with Dell, HP, Razer, Lenovo and Samsung Electronics to provide OLED screens for laptops. “I expect more laptops to use OLED and Mini LED panels as manufacturers try to recover post-pandemic demand with more interesting products. OLED for high contrast and rich, appropriate colors to create and consume content,” said consumer technology analyst Avi Greengart.



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