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New YouTube feature solves uneven video audio

**YouTube is testing a new feature that helps keep the audio of the video more stable. The feature is called “Stable Volume” and was discovered by a Reddit user. Furthermore, the company has also confirmed that the feature is being tested globally.** The YouTube “Stable Volume” feature is designed to make the volume on videos more even. This helps avoid some videos being louder than others. In a tweet over the weekend, he suggested that the feature could be an equalizer and an audio compressor that balances the volume to avoid excessive volume increments between videos or different parts of the same video. “We’re currently testing a new volume control feature on YouTube,” a YouTube representative said. Additionally, this test is rolling out globally and on mobile devices as well.” You can find this feature in the video settings on the YouTube app, if you’ve been granted access. If you are passionate about watching YouTube, what better than being helped by ( huge battery, explore below and choose your choice. Show me your favorite model!



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