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News Speculation TIPS

Hello everyone! The market is full of tricks and ways to profit from certain news events. Today I share with you a few ways to buy some coins according to some very useful news. Looking forward to welcoming everyone! Time frame trading includes: * Speculation on technology upgrades * Speculation according to external social events * Speculation according to general news * Speculation according to trends ——- **1, How to Speculate** **Speculate according to technology upgrades**. ***Update of ETH :*** Every time ETH has a technology upgrade event, at least it pulls a certain array or can pull the whole market up. For example The Merge last September, mini bullrun. upgrade staking Shanghai => Staking trend coins such as LDO, SSV, FXS increased rapidly => Closely follow the roadmap of ETH’s technology updates and upgrades to prepare for the next ones. (This I will translate the roadmap and predict + analyze the coins that benefit from ETH’s update events. ETH still has many technology updates to let us speculate and make a profit, the hardest thing is still find out related coins and projects that benefit from ETH’s update event) ***Update PoW mining coins ***: Coins like FLUX, LTC and other mining coins all have strong growth after Halving announcements e.g. FLUX when the halving announcement has increased from 0.4$=>1.2$ => For mining coins, look for events like the announcement of the halving about 1 month before we can speculate. buy into. ***Update other types:*** These coins all have a feature of updating such as launching virtual servers like Filecoin launching FVM virtual servers, Fil from $ 4.8 to $ 9.6 within 3 days, as SXP announced the mainnet, this news has been available since the last month of February and the beginning of March or most recently, Zilliqua is about to launch EVM virtual servers on April 25. => Finding similar coins is often an important technology update platform coin, speculative mainnet 1 month before news. **Speculation on external social events.** External social events affect some coins such as sports. Currently, there are only 2 token arrays that work on football and racing that can benefit in this way. For example, last year CHZ, CHZ led the fantoken trend when there was a Worldcup event, Alpine often had information about racing teams or racing tournaments that it would pump. PEOPLE memecoin, US election => Pump => For speculating according to events outside of society, it is necessary to have the ability to analyze that project, the ability to chain the relevance of the coin’s nature to other factors. outside events. For example, with the football fantoken array, pay attention to the main events such as Worldcup, Euro, .. For Alpine F1, pay attention to the events related to this team’s racing. These 2 if anyone is observant to search on Google, especially Twitter **Speculation following trends **Your article Cao Pham Chi has been posted here, please read it again** ( .com/groups/ryanvanhungnguoiban/permalink/490818196531897/)(** **( /permalink/497794342500949/)( **Or you can refer to this article by Dung Anh /crypto_chipchip/status/1643194110126460929 **2, How to find and recognize news **Reading here, people are quite wondering how to know that news and how to measure the impact of the news that up the project? First to know the upcoming news will take place yourself on: ( (Figure1) to find the relevant information on how Important events or technology updates. However, people should also note that it is possible that the website does not update soon, for example, Zilliqa and SXP have been reported for a long time (from an internal question in Discord, or often Twitter). ***How ​​to measure the level of news and influence?*** The only way to know the impact of news and technology updates is through experience and experience with your own research skills. But this is not only for you, even there is a lot of news about that coin, but that coin decreases instead of increasing. ***Entry ***Most coins are influenced by the market and BTC so it’s best to find an entry one month before the event, not too early or too close to the exit news.*** Take profit ***This way of speculating on news is often called “buy when there is rumor and sell when there is truth” so no matter what, the candle closes before the time of news release. ie one day. For example, after the World Cup 2022 officially started, the price of CHZ and fantoken coins both decreased. ***Note:*** – There will be some events that will be postponed for example, ShangHai ETH update is moved from March to April, news is delayed like FIL launches FVM virtual server from March 1 2023 to 3/15/2023, the best entry is still 1 month => the bigger the news, the more influential it should be, the sooner it should enter, the small news of a single coin will return around 1 month as long as it doesn’t It’s okay to fly. – The bigger the news, the higher the influence on the timeframe such as W-frame, M-frame.

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