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Newsletter Thursday – July 6

1. BlackRock CEO sees Bitcoin as “digital gold”, an alternative asset to other investment channels. Wants to work with SEC to get ETF spot approved 2. Minutes of June FED meeting repeat old point, nothing new 3. CZ forecasts trading volume on Binance will skyrocket, uptrend in 6-12 next month? 4. CFTC is about to sue Celsius and former CEO Mashinsky for violating US law before bankruptcy 5. Valkyrie re-files Bitcoin Spot ETF registration with SEC, naming Coinbase as a partner exchange 7 for 0.12 upgrade, expect a leap in transaction speed 7. Pendle lands on BNB Chain, deploys pool on Pancakeswap with APR +180% 8. DEX dYdX OFFICIALLY launches public testnet on Cosmos 9. Binance Labs led a $4M seed round to invest in Blockchain company Web3Go 10. Meta OFFICIALLY launched Threads, competing directly with Twitter. Do you think there is a chance in the future for an ETF to be approved by the SEC?

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