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1. If provinces and cities operate independently and do not allow residents to move freely (similar to Vietnam’s isolation from ports, no economic exchanges with any country), the consequences will be much more severe. compared to overpopulation. Crosschain and scalable are similar, but most of the current L1 platforms are not able to communicate with each other, so the role of bridges and crosschain protocols is very important. 2. Multichain applications are multiple chains operating in parallel, but the tokens themselves on each chain still operate independently of each other despite the same application (due to language differences). That is, the ETH-USD pair on the Ethereum chain will have its own pool on Ethereum, its own pool on Binance Chain, and 1 Dapp Mutichain has as many chains as it needs to have a pool for a swap pair. Not to mention, there are more lending and borrowing operations, so the more tokens there are, the more trouble that Dapp faces @MultichainOrg collapse is obvious. 3. Current crosschain bridges work like this: Chain A sends money to the Bridge, locks on this bridge, and then this bridge generates a Wrapped token (eg WBNB, WUSDT, …) and sends it to chain B. Nature of the operation This is the bridge holding your money and writing a check, the value of which depends on the reputation of the bridge. That is, if this bridge is hacked, bankrupt, scam, you will lose money and the voucher it gives you (wrapped token) will lose all value. #LayerZero solves all 3 problems in the most optimal way. (If this article is loved and supported by many of you, I will continue to post details about how LayerZero handles the above 3 problems, and why is LayerZero the most optimal). $ZRO #ZRO #STG #StargateFinace @StargateFinance

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