Thursday, November 30, 2023
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NFT Comics: NounDao prepares to release a masterpiece

The NounDao web community is building a story to tell about its NFT collection.

Recently, it was reported that NounDao has been creating an NFT comic series in cooperation with the publisher Titan Comics, as well as the NFT ComicsDAO community with the title Nouns: Nountown. The series will talk about Tokens in the Nouns ecosystem

The series will be made by David Leach himself, longtime editor of Titan Comics. However, what is even more remarkable is that the illustrations will be done by Danny Schlitz, who has worked with major brands such as Disney, Netflix, Marvel and Warner Bros. The series will be released in both Print and NFT.

Really looking forward to the release of the series. Don’t know what the story will be with Tokens?



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