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Not a chip, iPhone 14 Pro is “quality” than Galaxy S23 in these 5 points

## **Ignore performance, camera quality or battery life, here’s what makes the iPhone 14 Pro surpass the Galaxy S23.** Galaxy S23 Series by (Samsung)( vn/samsung-c407e3988.html) has reached the public. These are the best Android phones on the market, especially the Galaxy S23 Ultra. However, for those who don’t need all the fancy features, including an S Pen and a 200MP main camera, the regular Galaxy S23 is also very powerful, especially for those who like to use small smartphones. However, the experience of using the Galaxy S23 is still not comparable (iPhone 14) ( Pro. Regardless of performance, camera quality or battery life, here are 5 things that help the iPhone 14 Pro surpass the Galaxy S23. **first. Scroll to the top of the page in any app on iOS** One of my favorite things about iOS is the ability to go back to the top of the screen in any app. This is extremely convenient after users surf social networks. Not a chip, iPhone 14 Pro is “quality” than Galaxy S23 at these 5 points – 2 Illustration. However, there is no similar feature on Android phones. The user has to scroll back to the top of the page. Obviously, tapping at the top of the screen to go back to the top of the app you’re on is actually a time saver. This also feels natural and intuitive on iOS. **2. Software elasticity** One of the reasons iOS is loved is the flexibility of the operating system itself. Basically, besides the smooth scrolling effect, iPhone users will see a scroll bar on the side. Even Dynamic Island on the iPhone 14 Pro has subtle and whimsical little animations when users swipe away from an app. But when using an Android phone, scrolling stops abruptly when you get to the end — no fun. **3. Seamless integration with other Apple devices** For users who regularly use Apple devices, seamlessly working between iPhone and iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch just got a whole lot easier. With the AirDrop feature, users can quickly share images to their iMac, rename them, and drop them into WordPress. With Android phones, including the Galaxy S23, there are a few extra steps that users need to take, like accessing Google Photos, finding the images they need, and then downloading them — still easy, but not as seamless. And yet, iOS has a Universal Clipboard for copying and pasting text, images, and even videos from one Apple device to another using Handoff—not available on Android phones. **4. Easy communication with iMessage** Speaking of iMessage, this is the main way for users to communicate with all their friends and family who also use iPhone. Users not only have access to iMessage on iPhone 14 Pro, but can also access it on iPad and Mac since all messages are synced. In addition, iMessage also allows sending SMS from your computer thanks to the text message forwarding feature on iPhone. But the biggest reason why users love using iMessage is the ability to send full-resolution video clips to other iMessage users. With an Android phone, that video will be super compressed. That’s because they are sent as MMS and all major carriers impose limits on the video file size sent via MMS. **5. iPhone has better apps** Overall, iPhone apps are better than Android. Many app developers also develop exclusively for Apple platforms, including Mac. iOS (and Mac) apps have always had a certain charm and flair, not found on many Android apps. Even when using cross-platform apps like 1Password, Facebook/Instagram, etc., the iOS version always feels smoother and overall more enjoyable. **Apple devices aren’t perfect…** Obviously, Android smartphones have their own strengths too: notifications, volume controls, and lots of granular settings to customize the entire experience. However, small changes on the iPhone also help make the software fun to use. Things like iMessage make people’s lives easier and app experiences more refined. When using a device all day, such things are very important.



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