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Not USB-C, titanium frame on iPhone 15 Pro will be the hottest upgrade

# **Not USB-C, titanium frame on iPhone 15 Pro will be the “hottest” upgrade** ## **According to experts, titanium frame design is the most awaited upgrade on iPhone 15 Pro.** In fact, rumors of an iPhone with a titanium chassis have been around since before the iPhone 14 Pro was announced. And now, sources continue to suggest that this design will be for iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max. While stainless steel edges were first introduced with the iPhone 12 Pro and flat edges are pleasant, titanium has the advantage of being both stronger and lighter than iron and carbon alloys. So, in theory, if the rumors about the titanium frame are accurate, you should have at least two iPhone 15 Pro models that are stiffer but lighter than their predecessors. A lighter smartphone not only provides a less heavy experience, but also feels premium. Currently, the iPhone 14 Pro weighs up to 206g while the iPhone 15 Pro can be lighter – 189g. This difference is not much, but if you use the smartphone for hours every day, users can notice the difference. What is more special is the strength of titanium. With 3-4 times stronger than stainless steel, titanium will be the “key” to make iPhone much stronger. Previously, Apple used to protect iPhones with Ceramic Shield, making the screen and back able to withstand any impact when dropped and bumped. However, the stainless steel edges are not sturdy and easily leave a few cracks and scratches. And of course, the roughness of the chipped edges is not pleasant in the hand. Therefore, technology experts hope, with the titanium frame, the edges of the iPhone 15 Pro can better withstand impacts. This is also a compelling reason for many people to upgrade from iPhone 13 Pro to iPhone 15 Pro. So far, many iPhone 13 Pro owners still do not want to upgrade to iPhone 14 Pro because the Dynamic Island area is not convincing enough, it still needs some time to mature and more developers can exploit the potential of the device. this area. With more realistic tweaks and changes, the iPhone 15 Pro is sure to make a more appealing upgrade for iPhone users. They are even expected to attract Android phone users to switch to iOS.



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