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Officially: Internet Explorer is no more

With an upgrade to Edge, Microsoft formally disabled the Internet Explorer browser on Windows 10 machines.

The more feature-rich and contemporary Microsoft Edge browser has long since supplanted the venerable Internet Explorer. This software version is eliminated from the system in Windows 11, putting a stop to its development. On Windows 10 machines, Internet Explorer is still available till February 14.

After Microsoft updates Microsoft Edge, the new application will immediately stop functioning as Internet Explorer on Windows 10 computers. Users won’t be able to open it until the machine has been updated to the latest version. The renowned browser described above is also acceptable.

Microsoft intends to delete information connected to Internet Explorer, such as the icon in the system, in a Windows update due on June 13 that will take place in the autumn. Between now and June, users may still locate the fabled E-shaped symbol sprinkled about their computers, but activating the application is no longer feasible.

Microsoft offers IE mode, which is IE mode running directly on Edge, as a solution for clients that need to utilize Internet Explorer, such as to view a very old website that does not support current browsers. With a built-in Internet Explorer alternative, this application offers traditional surfing from inside Microsoft Edge.

“If your business still relies on Internet Explorer 11, you must start the changeover process right once. Otherwise, companies run the danger of experiencing widespread disruption when they can no longer access the browser, Microsoft warned corporate clients.

When Microsoft introduced the Edge version in 2015, Internet Explorer had long since “died.”

Since its release in 1995, Internet Explorer has played a significant role in all Windows iterations. Since 1999, this has been the browser with the largest global market share. With IE5 and IE6 versions, which were used by 95% of computer users, Internet Explorer reached its pinnacle in the years 2002–2003.

Then, other browsers like Chrome and Firefox from Mozilla entered the market, competing with Microsoft’s product. Microsoft no longer supports Internet Explorer on Windows 10 as of June 15, 2022, and advised customers to use Edge instead.

Currently, Microsoft suggests moving to Edge when users look for the Internet Explorer program on the Microsoft site. Even on PCs running Windows 7, 8.1, or 10, it is nearly difficult to install a legitimate version of Internet Explorer.



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