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Old Galaxy phones suddenly increased in price by 9 times

## **If you haven’t bought your Galaxy S23, S23+ or S23 Ultra yet, there’s some good news you should consider.** Samsung has increased the trade-in value of some older handsets by more than double. double the amount that the user will receive when participating in the exchange of a specific number of devices. Samsung will give users a credit of up to $750 for the purchase of the top-end Galaxy S23 Ultra, and a credit of up to $700 for the purchase of the Galaxy S23 or Galaxy S23+. You can see a higher exchange value when purchasing the Galaxy S23 Ultra on Samsung’s website. Accordingly, Samsung has increased the exchange value of the following Galaxy phones, but only for users to buy Galaxy S23 Ultra: Galaxy Z Fold4 $750 (up 47%, from $510), Galaxy S22 Ultra $700 (up 89%, from $370); Galaxy Z Fold3 $680 (up 95%, from $345); Galaxy Note20 Ultra $600 (up 160%, from $230); Galaxy S22+ $570 (up 143%, from $235); Galaxy S21 Ultra $550 (up 108%, from $265); Galaxy S22 $530 (up 172%, from $195); Galaxy Z Fold2 $520 (up 117%, from $240); Galaxy Z Flip3 $500 (up 203%, from $165); Galaxy Z Flip4 $500 (up 54% from $325); Galaxy Note 10+ $490 (up 206%, from $160); Galaxy Note10+ 5G $480 (up 220%, from $150); Galaxy Note20+ $450 (up 291%, from $115); Galaxy Z Fold $440 (up 175%, from $160); Galaxy S21+ $440 (up 175%, from $160); Galaxy Note10 430 USD (up 353%, from 95 USD); Galaxy S21 FE $420 (up 211%, from $135); Galaxy Note9 $410 (up 413%, from $80); Galaxy S21 $410 (up 215%, from $130); Galaxy S20 Ultra $390 (up 144%, from $160); Galaxy Z Flip $380 (up 280%, from $100). This renewal program only applies to customers who buy Galaxy S23 Ultra. Some of this exchange value has skyrocketed. For example, the Galaxy A21 will now cost $260 in exchange for the purchase of the Galaxy S23 Ultra. That’s a staggering 940% (more than 9x) increase from the previous valuation of $25. Samsung also increased the trade-in value of certain iPhone models for the Galaxy S23 Ultra. For example, the iPhone 14 Pro Max will now fetch $600 in the exchange, up 6% from its previous valuation of $660. Most Apple devices are now worth 10-15 USD more in a single transaction.



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