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On hand phone model “extreme”, cost less than 4 million of Nokia: Is the ability to repair itself as good as advertised?

## According to HMD, with Nokia G22, users can easily repair themselves, changing the battery takes only 5 minutes, replacing the screen in just 20 minutes. Nokia G22 is a smartphone designed so that users can easily repair themselves when needed, such as changing batteries, changing charging ports, replacing screens. According to HMD – the brand that produces new Nokia-branded phones – these are the three components that are most susceptible to damage or wear and tear during use. So by making these components more replaceable, users could theoretically keep their phones longer. HMD adds that users can change the phone battery in just 5 minutes and change the screen in 20 minutes. All use a standard set of phone repair tools provided by the company. In fact, are these replacements as easy as HMD claims? The experience of technology expert Tom Pritchard from the UK will give us the answer. **Easy to disassemble** According to Pritchard, he could not complete the self-repair in the short time as claimed by HMD. In fact, the whole process took about 45 minutes, including disassembling a working phone and assembling everything according to the instructions. However, the operations are not too difficult. After removing the machine’s plastic frame, most of the work left is to use a screwdriver and pull the various cables out of their sockets. iFixit’s repair guide is extremely helpful, the written instructions are very clear, however, the large number of small step-by-step simulation images make it difficult (and quickly) for the user to figure out what to do. I need to do next. **There are still certain challenges** According to Pritchard, removing components and putting them back in place is considered one of the easiest tasks, as long as you remember how to arrange them correctly. However, the antenna connector is very small and difficult to put back to the original position. Although the adhesive is of limited use on the Nokia G22, it still causes a bit of a problem. That’s because the model Pritchard uses is a pre-release prototype. HMD said that in this model, they use a stronger adhesive than the type used for models on the market today. Pritchard said that’s good news, because like the model he’s testing, the battery feels like it’s glued to the device, the adhesive tape wrapped inside is quite difficult to pull off. **Not sure what to attract customers** Although the G22 has the ability to repair itself easily, it still has certain minus points. The phone is IP52 dustproof, which means that dust can still have “limited ingress”. This benchmark only ensures that dust does not affect the operation of the phone. Besides, the current water resistance of the G22 only helps to protect the phone from rain water, not to deal with other liquid situations. These are not attractive points for users, but also not surprising because the G22 is very cheap. Worth mentioning, there is no guarantee that the dust and water seals will not be damaged during the repair process, especially for an amateur user. Another thing to consider is that the screen of the Nokia G22 is limited to 720p resolution, the device has only a single speaker, no 5G, uses Android 12 operating system and only supports updates for the next 2 years. . Of course, the device also has advantages such as enhanced screen refresh rate (to 90Hz), 3-day battery life, 50MP main camera (f / 1.8 aperture). However, that will not be enough to satisfy those who are familiar with high-end smartphones, even mid-range smartphones. HMD claims that the G22 cannot launch with Android 13, the number of updates is also limited. Sadly, continuous software support plays an important role in attracting users, increasing the hardware life of the machine cannot make up for this shortcoming.



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