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OP has just unlocked coins equal to 100% of circulating supply.

Hqua is on the onchain, the Hash fund brings the coin stored for 1 year on the binance exchange. Today, both the people and the VC are in the same Nat Gao commune. Look at the volume force. Compare with the previous volume columns. This is a new volume of volume v. Ae look at OP’s tokenomic. Starting from now on, there will be a huge amount of tokens unlocked continuously for the commune VCs. I think this OP can’t even raise his head to an uptrend. The devs designed the evil tokenomic. The type of pushing the commune only once (when not unlocked for big hands). Now start unlocking for big hands. It’s ruined to the uptrend lun. What is a beautiful Tokenomic: (1) The token unlocking schedule must be less dripping (compared to the circulating supply), not to put too much pressure on the commune in one time. (2) Dev must hold the majority of tokens (best over 80%). People and VCs hold few tokens. For the sake of people and vc, if you hold a lot of tokens, you will only be crushed. (3) There are incentives for people to hold tokens (bnb launchpad, staking eth, airdrop hook,…). => The correct definition of a Tokenomic is the ability to control the Supply of Goods (Token) of the Project Dev Team. Remember Token Price is affected by 2 factors: Cash Flow and Goods Supply.

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