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OpenAI – ChatGPT hires many ex-Google and Meta employees

Young start-up company, but LIVING staff!
If nothing else, OpenAI is an indication that Big Tech, especially Google, is not optimizing its investments in its employees.
This data serves as a “wake-up call” for big tech companies.
Since November 2022, OpenAI has recruited dozens of employees working in the field of AI from Meta, Google, and Apple… to develop the ChatGPT tool.
Data from LeadGenius and Punks & Pinstripes show that about 59 people were former Google employees, including the AI research lab DeepMind. In addition, at OpenAI, there are 34 ex-Meta employees and 15 former Apple employees.

Two former employees at Google Brain, Alphabet’s AI division, share that some employees feel that the company is gradually becoming apathetic and too cautious about new product ideas, causing some workers to search for more information. work elsewhere.
“If nothing changes, startups like OpenAI are a sign that Big Tech, especially Google, are not optimizing their employee welfare spending,” Larkin said.
In early February, Microsoft launched a new Bing tool integrated with the ChatGPT chatbot, challenging Google’s monopoly on online search. Soon after, Google also introduced a new chatbot, Bard, but this chatbot made a mistake on the day of launch.



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